MTV’s balloon burst flip-book

ParanoidBR director Dulcidio Caldeira shot this stop-motion ad for MTV Brazil, using bursting balloons to create a flip-book effect

ParanoidBR director Dulcidio Caldeira shot this stop-motion ad for MTV Brazil, using bursting balloons to create a flip-book effect:

To make the film, balloons were fastened onto a 200 metre long rail, and lined up via laser guide. “To achieve a moving picture effect, 10 balloons had to be popped per second, or 600 balloons per minute,” Caldeira says. “It took nearly 24 straight hours to shoot the multiple takes needed.”

Agency: Loducca Sao Paulo
Client: MTV
Creatives: Dulcidio Caldeira, Andre Faria, Guga Ketzer
Creative Directors: Cassio Moron, Marco Monteiro, Pedro Guerra
General Creative Director: Guga Ketzer
Executive Creative Producers: Sid Fernandes, Ana Luisa Andre
RTV: Karina Vadasz
Production: Paranoid
Director: Dulcidio Caldeira
Photography: Alexandre Ermel
Animation/Illustration: Daniel Semanas / Paranoid Lab
Executive Producer: Egisto Betti
Final Art: Sindicato VFX

UPDATE: Dulcidio Caldeira has now posted a making-of film to show how the balloons film was made. See it below:


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  • dan

    sweet as a nut.

  • Brilliant idea, not sure the animation itself was as good but the idea and the execution is fantastic.

  • Paul Gillard

    POPTASTIC! Somewhat poplexing however..


  • Pop music!

  • Tim Copsey

    The effect is messy, the final film murky and the animation weak – it’s a great example of a message getting lost while a designer clings onto a technique

  • Pop art!

  • Silky24

    Who cares how clever something is or that it took loads of time to painstakingly create if the main message is lost and when the final piece doesn’t even look that great and needs explaining with wide shots near the end to make it seem more impressive. “We used millions of balloons and man hours building a track to waste the agency’s money”. There’s not alot of point to this, haha.

  • Bill Henry

    [deleted by moderator)

  • Jasper M

    In this case I’d argue the creativity IS the message. It’s fresh, it’s fun, it made me smile. Thanks mtv.

  • Lovely idea, not too sure about the execution.

  • I agree that the message is a little lost but for me, these types of creation, where you can really appreciate the time and effort that went into a project, can in some way make up for that.

    Also, when looking at the impact of video content and its propensity to go viral, the average viewer does enjoy something that’s gimmicky…. how many of us have watched a Mento’s YouTube video and they’re just silly.

  • A

    @ Silky24
    Its a sting for a channel, there’s not going to be any messages that are too deep- how many MTV stings have any point whatsoever, apart from looking cool. Get over yourself.

  • I understand what they were trying to do but the execution sucks. I’m not saying I could’ve done a better job, but the final result looks cheap and a little weak.

    Still, it’s cool.

  • Tom Bayliss

    I think the idea is fun and playful. Why do we have to be so precious about details of the execution. Sounds like a bunch of jaded, cynical creatives to me – embrace the freshness!

  • that is awesome!

  • Lovely idea! Would be nice in HD but it’s still a nice idea that makes you smile!

  • John Had

    Or just one 6ft water balloon from The Slow Mo Guys,
    YouTube April newcommers award.

  • trevor jackson

    jesus the continued negative comments on this blog dumbfounds me
    loads of nobodies who i assume get no attention from any of their work & feel the need to demolish great ideas with childish comments for the sake of seeming far more important than they actually are

    thats a great piece of work in my eyes, most importantly a wonderful idea, everyones so seduced by the look of things they forget whats most important (ideas)

    i was taught to have some manners, if something inspires you spread the word, tell the person who created it you love it. if you don’t, then keep your mouth shut unless it deeply morally offends you so much you can’t stop yourself, or make a positive action by creating work in response thats an alternative or better.

  • Jon

    I for one don’t hate the piece because it looks bad or the message is lost… I hate the piece because the animation is an obvious, cheap rip-off of Don Hertzfeldt.

  • A lovely an innovative approach that captures the spirit of MTV and steers away from the dull overly slick CGI that is becoming omnipresent. Hats off to the team involved.

  • Márcio

    It just won the Golden Lion in Cannes…Just it!