Stewart Lee: the social media strategy

Comedian Stewart Lee is somewhat sceptical of social media. He doesn’t do “the tweets”. His face isn’t on Facebook. Here, quite possibly, is why

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Comedian Stewart Lee is somewhat sceptical of social media. He doesn’t do “the tweets”. His face isn’t on Facebook. Here, quite possibly, is why…

Social Stew was posted on the BBC’s website earlier and shows Lee in a meeting with BBC Marketing (Online), discussing the web and social media angle for the launch of the second series of his Comedy Vehicle. Ideas such as Stewart’s Long Arm (on Facebook, above) and the Angry Stew app are suggested.

The clip features a brilliant portrayal of a BBC social media strategist by Kevin Eldon, plus an ironic piece (given the fact the film is being blogged and tweeted) on rap star Ironik from the new series.



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  • ooh its smarts!

  • I believe the term i’m looking for is LOL.

    Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. Love it.

  • haha brilliant. Stewart Lee in Lambing Live would work!

    A pretty interesting clip all the same.

  • John Galantini

    I am unfortunate enough to work in this industry and Stew has hit the nail on head yet again.

  • Brown Bear

    Is this a flash video player? Can’t view on iPad. :(

  • Anon

    Stewart Lee is usually so original. Unfortunately, with his twitter and twatted joke, he’s as original and ignorant as every smart arse on a web forum which has discussed twitter in the past few years. I’ve seen the joke literally dozens of times, and every time, they probably smirk like Stewart does in the clip.

    Then, having mocked twitter, he hints at how his audience ought to participate in the mass shared experience of a live TV programme. Twitter actually facilitates this. I’ll have to presume this is too ignorant to be true.

  • Anon’s boss

    Anon is available for social media strategy consultancy work.

    Best regards
    Anon’s boss

  • i like it.

  • Pirate Jenny

    oh god – this is a cruel and hilarious mirror into my working life… have spent the last two years dealing with berks from


  • Engaging, amusing and charming content all in one! and we even view a short clip of a Stewart Lee performance – ‘twatter’. This is fantastic.

  • Joanna

    It’s his job to be bitter and twisted – he can’t really be seen to like anything, otherwise he stops being who he is, a wonderful Catch 22.

    If Anon works in social media Anon should really be less anon!

  • I love Stewart Lee

  • anon – I think the thing about hinting at the shared tv experience using twitter is part of the joke..

  • Anon’s dad

    Not sure which is funnier – the clip or Anon missing the point. Stewart Lee is close to genius, but he’s no Bobby Davro

  • Quality! And equally funny is ‘Anon’s boss’.

  • Mrs Lee

    He’s no Tom O’Connor either Anon’s Dad