The Wall’s Sausage Dog Returns

A new ad for Wall’s Sausages by Saatchi & Saatchi London sees a man adopt a surreal method of saying thanks when his wife serves up his favourite meaty snack for tea.

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A new ad for Wall’s Sausages by Saatchi & Saatchi London sees a man adopt a surreal method of saying thanks when his wife serves up his favourite meaty snack for tea.

The ad, the first of a new series for the brand, stars a miniature dog called Alan, in a reference to the original Wall’s dog, which was first used in an ad devised by McCann Erickson in 1993. Inspired by a talking dog that appeared on the TV show That’s Life, the ad showed an owner trying to teach his dog to say ‘sausages’, but all he would say was ‘Wall’s’.

Alan the dog is a more contemporary figure, blessed with the ability to play an electronic keyboard and rap in the style of The Streets. He will undoubtedly soon have his own Facebook page too.

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi London
Exec creative directors: Paul Silburn, Kate Stanners
Creative directors: Andy Jex, Rob Potts
Copywriter: Dan Warner
Art director: Andy Vasey
Director: Andy McLeod
Production company: Rattling Stick


  • woof!

  • Samuel Michael

    was that really worth posting?

  • for the ad: mmmmmm
    for the details: a facebook page for a dog? oh really? :/

  • Clare Gwynne

    Unpleasant and creepy. Would certainly not buy the product after seeing this.

  • drillhead

    Absolute classic. love it.

  • Deeply moving…to the shitter that is.

  • Bit of a dog I’m afraid.


  • Danny Boi

    The most awful advert ever, what teh hell has it got to do with sausages. It just freaks me out, especially when the dog stops rapping and starts talking at the end, it makes no sence! Makes me shudder! Get rid!

  • Laura.szendzielarz

    Saatchi & Saatchi? Really? It is really is an awful advert, so much so I googled it to find out what the point of it is. Poor.

  • Becky

    This is a really good ad, makes me smile everytime

  • Tom

    Rubbish. It’s a depressing take on council house idiots who live off rubbish sausages.

  • Keeley

    This advert is amazing I find myself watching it daily on YouTube, hope my husband gets me one, only walls sausages in our house from now on…hope to see more of alan

  • Doobz

    wot is the name of the song in the background??

  • billy

    i love the instrumental music.. is it actually a real song?

  • Cherie

    Well balls (or walls) to the lot of you that don’t find it funny! Get a sense of humour!

  • masterful dog wrangling. are they still made of balls and hooves?

  • jo robinson

    absolutely love it! Have put in a request for my own Alan for my birthday next month……well it is my 40th, indulge me!

  • rich g

    What’s the name of the song, really want to know ?

  • Lydia

    Makes me laugh tbh! For some strange reason the dog rapping reminds me of the band the streets lol. Really think it’s funny!

  • Paula Pure

    Unfortunately too many advertisers think that by adding a dubstep type jingle into an ad. they are instantly appealing to a contemporary audience. Most of us can see through this type of farce. The ad. also insinuates that all ‘working class’ males are incapable of expressing their emotions and possess a palate refined for only cheap and nutritionally bereft foods.

  • julain

    whats the sound track called?

  • Debs

    I love this advert and i am fortunate to own the same breed of dog a little French Bulldog. I hope actually Walls produces merchandise of the little fellow. I for one would buy it and i’m sure many other French Bulldog fans/owners would too.

  • Chris Brown

    S & S made this wow that has stunned me.

    I like it…..

  • indigo platter

    this aint dubstep you dipshit ¬_¬’. dubstep is set at 140 bpm and sometimes has a deep wobble

  • deep wobble

  • rich

    its an absolutely amazing genius!
    the look on his face is priceless…

    the tune rocks too, is it a real tune or just for the ad!?

  • Ali

    Think you all need to lightnen up! it’s a good ad, breath of fresh air :)

  • gina

    i absolutely adore the advert and the new one. they make me chuckle :)) simple is good, better than all the arty farty stuff!

  • irais

    I love alan the dog … I want one lol

  • Valkyrie

    This ad is cringeworthy. I can’t stand it when it appears on TV. I dislike the style of “rapping” employed by the dog – The Streets are not rappers, they have no rhythm, they’re white and RUBBISH. (I’m white) Can’t the man get his own sausages? Why does the woman serve him? Is she only good for serving cheap sausages and that’s the only reason why he loves her? Why does being “just a bloke really” absolve you from expressing gratitude or emotion? SO many things I dislike about this advert. I will never buy Wall’s sausages based on this.

  • arsene wenger

    its interesting to see how stuck up people are its an advert and the fact they have wasted there time to google or comment on it just goes to show how effective it has been talk about the power of subliminal imagery

  • Cat

    Amazing dog I want one, what is it….

  • Liam

    valkyrie – two words mate, your boring…..This is supposed to be a funny if yet t surreal advert. It made me really llaugh. But, it did also warp my mind into thinking that women should serve me walls sausages in order for me to llove them.. the tone of the dog’s voice when he reaches the ‘ Just a bloke really’ section of the ad ; should indicate to anyone listening/watching that it is in-fact just a jestfull poke of fun at the stereo typical view on male/female roles that you seem so hung up about.

  • leanne mckenzie

    my mum loves alan the dog, he makes her laugh, & she is 83, thats all that matters, if you dont like it switch off, whingers !!

  • Leonard Carter

    What an advert,well done to the Guys who created this idea.

    I think both ad’s are great and I can not wait for the NEXT one.

    I so want one of those dogs and if only they were that small. (my Staffy might eat it)

    My wife did like it but now hates it, that could have somthing to do with the fact that every time I need to say “thank you” I end up saying it like the dog (Alan) from the advert.

    More Please….

  • geo

    omg ‘Tom’ who said its for ‘council house idiots’ WHAT?? that comment was irrelevant sort ur life out mate.

  • sheridan

    didn’t like it at first but now i love it! it’s brilliant and the fellows face at the end, it’s great! i did used to think the talking dog was eerie but now, i stop and watch every time it comes on the tv!

  • dan the man

    what is the point that you are trying to make? And what audience are you trying to reach? if your trying to reach a young audience then why use ugly middle aged old people, the wrong type of dog and the crap music witch none of match it is the worst advert ever and is the only one in history that has made me actually waste my time coming on the internet to complain about!!! please don’t make any more of these diabolic ads. I mean the advertising company must have had a right laugh pitching this to the retards at wall just seeing what they could get away with! rant over.

  • I want that dog! I love French Bulldogs!

  • You can’t please everyone. Made me giggle for one. The best ad agencies take the biggest risks. Lovely random factor too. Live or die by the sword. Good to see you’ve still got it, S&S.

  • Marty

    Only a pit-bull owning type moron would get this advert! Not funny, not clever and extremely stupid!

  • Maureen Card

    Love this ad, love the Streets style but who is the voice?

  • thay should make something like this what you can record a message to and give to a loved one

  • Hot

    Rubbish advert like there rubbish sausages !

    (deleted by moderator)

  • kat

    Can’t stand this advert, Wtf does a dog in a ring box rapping with a keyboard to shitty music have to do with sausages? And whoevere says ugh people who don’t like it don’t have a sense of humour, yes we do its just the things we find funny are actually funny!

  • Sid

    Hate it, Hate it, Hate it! I will now avoid walls products because of it. I hate it that much!

  • john broughton

    can you please tell me when are you going to bring the talking dog out as a toy as my wife would like one


  • DottyW

    What a brilliantly funny advert. Saatchi have done it yet again! I love it, love it, love it. Mommy Bear!

  • Jason Bull

    The ad is rubbish. It sends the message that men are sad twats who cannot express themselves. If an ad portrayed women in a similar vein there would be an uproar. No more Walls products for this geezer. Talk about alienating your target market – it’s enough to turn a bloke vegetarian!

  • Tony

    Does anyone know who the male actor is that is stood at the kiosk.

  • Terry

    Well, I love Alan – don’t live in a council house, don’t eat sausages very often but so what? If my husband brought Alan home in a box to rap for me I’d be thrilled to bits.

  • Doreen

    I love this ad and I want one of the Alan dogs, where can I get one?

  • Wullie

    The ad’s message is – Eat walls sausages & u too can look like a fat Ricky Butcher.

  • james

    i googled it …i typed in ‘idiot on walls advert’ the voice over guy slurs his speech and sounds depressed.Me and the wife have vowed not to buy any walls product.the ad is not funny. i laugh at the thought behind it though .a chavvy style jingle wich all the benefit claimants will love and want to know if they can get hold of it to play loudly in their lowered citroen saxo whilst wearing there one and only track suit that has pot noodle stains on it.Good luck to walls with ads like this they will be ‘going to the wall’ soon hopefully!

  • Helen

    I find this ad very disturbing. The woman looks totally downtrodden and when the dog finishes singing the bloke gives a self satified grin as if to say that ‘his done his bit’ and she can get on with being his slave. Hate it.


    What are you lot ranting about? Council house chavs,lowered Saxo’s and knuckle dragging mentalities my arse! Get a life you lot! The ads are funny and innovative and I hope they make a whole series of them! I am not a sausage eater, I do not live in a council house and certainly don’t drive a lowered Saxo – and I certainly do not own a Pot Noodle stained track suit; I just love Alan the dog and would love to know who does his voice…

  • Conrad

    love the taste of almost meatless sausage sticks to the teeth so well