Benetton wants the world to UNHATE

A new campaign from Benetton recalls the brand’s controversial heyday. A series of posters features world leaders with lips locked to launch the UNHATE project

A new campaign from Benetton recalls the brand’s controversial heyday. A series of posters features world leaders with lips locked to launch the UNHATE project

Benetton, says the accompanying press material, is inviting “the leaders and citizens of the world to combat the ‘culture of hatred'”. The UNHATE campaign is the first initiative from a new Benetton foundation of the same name, launched by Alessandro Benetton, executive deputy chairman of the Benetton Group.

A series of posters, created by Benetton’s ‘research communication centre’ Fabrica in cooperation with 72andSunny, features political and spiritual leaders kissing (shown above, The Pope and Ahmed Mohamed el-Tayeb, Imam of the Al-Azhar mosque in Cairo. Below, US President Barack Obama and Hugo Chavez of Venezuela)

According to Benetton “These are symbolic images of reconciliation – with a touch of ironic hope and constructive provocation – to stimulate reflection on how politics, faith and ideas, even when they are divergent and mutually opposed, must still lead to dialogue and mediation.”


Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu


German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy


North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Il and South Korean President Lee Myung-bak

There is also an accompanying film by director Laurent Chanez.

Plus social media activity including the Kiss Wall where users can upload images of themselves kissing.

Agency: Fabrica in cooperation with 72andSunny NL
Creative Director/Writer, 72andSunny: Carlo Cavallone
Creative Director/Designer, 72andSunny: Paulo Martins
Design Director/Partner, 72andSunny: Robert Nakata
Creative Director/ FABRICA: Erik Ravelo

Update: Following pressure from the Vatican, Benetton has reportedly withdrawn the poster featuring the Pope kissing Ahmed Mohamed el-Tayeb. Vatican spokesman Fr Federico Lombardi has been quoted in various sources criticising the company for exploiting the Pope’s image.

“We must express the firmest protest for this absolutely unacceptable use of the image of the Holy Father, manipulated and exploited in a publicity campaign with commercial ends,” he said. “This shows a grave lack of respect for the Pope, an offence to the feelings of believers, a clear demonstration of how publicity can violate the basic rules of respect for people by attracting attention with provocation.” Benetton has apologised.


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  • henry cull

    this is an absolute beut

  • David

    Love Benetton adverts – so much so I studied them for my dissertation. Shock tactics do work in advertising, even though not used much in recent years, but Benetton have built their foundations on advertising equality and have come up with another genius concept here. I’m sure there are already people reaching for their phones to complain – this will be a pure marmite campaign, you either love it or hate it.

  • Daniel

    Great campaign courtesy of 72andSunny + Fabrica. Well done guys.

  • regis


    Benetton wants the world to buy benetton products.. I think this whole campaign is silly and UNnecessary (the video is cool though)

  • I didn’t like the previous campaigns of Benetton, and I don’t particularly like this.
    Their message, if there is one, is lost and at worst confusing. I don’t understand what the video is saying either.

  • David

    I wonder how long these will last… Fantastic stuff

  • That guy Obama gets around doesn’t he…

  • Disrespectful in my opinion.

  • MC

    Sure that Benetton wants to sell their products, but for that a brand should have a strong identity. Nowadays you don’t buy a simple shirt, you buy personality, emotions, ideas, in order to build your own identy.

    Dispate the shoking ideas, Benetton is great creating this identity.
    congratulations for this campaign


  • Davo

    Blimey that Barack gets about hey

  • Req

    “Their message, if there is one, is lost and at worst confusing.”

    This confuses you? I thought it was pretty straight forward. I’m not a big fan of Benetton’s products but I admire their ad campaigns. I too wrote my dissertation on them and I think it’s a brave thing to do. It’s not necessarily going to sell clothes is it? In fact it’ll probably put off more people than it sells to. You won’t see many other big brands promote a message the way Benetton do.

    Glad to see they’re back in the controversial spotlight after many tame years.

    And yes Obama is the friendliest of the lot it seems.

  • Good to see a company out there not afraid to rock the boat, sad times for Obama he gets to be in 2. All I will say as a minor criticism is that Hate is a strong word and although it applies definitively to some of the people in the campaigns who do hate each other, others not so much and this discredits the core message a bit.

  • Romulo Martin

    I celebrate the intention of the campaign, now, as a Venezuelan that has lived and suffered Hugo Chàvez systematic hate campaigns and subsequent violence, I can not agree with your choice.

    If the intention is to shock, as Benetton has often done, I would recommend to use Fidel Castro, Pol Pot, Stalin and perhaps even Hitler…all of them shameful masters of hate and discrimination against weaker ones.

    Do not go for the wannabes, go for the real thing.

  • Tim C

    It’s a bit late eh…they could have done one with Silvio Belursconi

  • ali

    I too think this is great, what is there to not understand about promoting togetherness rather than promoting desire, aggression & alienation? I too studied Benetton from a photographers perspective, and wrote about them while studying. I love the campaign and admire them for going back to the principles Olivier Toscani made them famous for, and principles which made the company yet also in turn attempted to cripple the creative that surely made them as a company. Glad to see they cannot ‘be’ Benetton without this marketing force against the conventional & the unequal.

  • Ramon

    The discussions you see in this comment thread is exactly the kind of argument a brand like Benetton would love to see happening. It’s got controversy, a powerful message and stands for something. Well done.

  • just me

    For me is not disrespectfull…now a days…things have to be this radical, so people can realize how important is to stop this kind of political difference between countries liders…open you eyes…people dont need diferences…people needs better…

  • Bip

    The Good Ole Days!

  • Dina G.

    I am sooooo offended by this campaign!!!! I dont think the campaign really delivered the message intended. I will actually not buy benetton anymore. there you go. just lost a customer.

  • dan

    love how there is no sign of cameron… maybe it would be unrealistic to think anyone would want to kiss him?

  • Cesar

    Really absurd, inappropriate, and disrespectful to both the people featured in the photomontages and the general public. There are children and families looking at the advertising, what would say the families of those involved in the advertisement? I think someone should sue Benetton for such atrocity. The campaign achieved its goal to attract attention: Yes, that achieve awareness in people: NO, the message came clear and education: NO. In fact my community will stop buying Benetton products due to lack of morale and ethic. I really wish somebody would sue and demand with penalties this company.

  • Sofia

    Genious but shocking.

  • egle sanna

    it didnt last long time..the pope already complained and the campaign is off. i think it was a very brave thing to do especially because of where they live. it was obvious that it couldnt last. unfortunately.

  • A

    “I am sooooo offended by this campaign!!!! I dont think the campaign really delivered the message intended. I will actually not buy benetton anymore. there you go. just lost a customer.”

    I cant tell if you’re being sarcastic or not. But even if you dont think the core message is delivered, what is there to be soooo ofended by?? Its a few people kissing. Actually, I feel like kissing right now.

  • vanderleun

    If Benetton had balls it would be Mohammad tongue kissing Allah. But alas…

  • PPP

    [deleted by moderator]

  • Linda B.

    This makes me NEVER want to buy from Benetton again, mocking the politicians does not bother me – but using POPE BENEDICT XVI was WAY TOO FAR.

  • mart

    This campaign is brilliant! And I need a winter-coat… hmm… Benetton

  • These are powerful images and the video is very well done. Too many people put boundaries around love and I think Benetton is trying to stand up and really make a statement. But at the same time, I can see how this may offend people, particularly the images.

  • Ian

    @Cesar “There are children and families looking at the advertising”

    Do families and children not kiss each other?

    @ Linda B “mocking the politicians does not bother me – but using POPE BENEDICT XVI was WAY TOO FAR”

    I hope this is a joke. Why would you have double standards? Doesn’t the bible say we are all equal?

    Now let’s all kiss and make up. Mwah!

  • Natalie

    Hugging would have been more powerful. Sexual suggestion just makes it crude. Although it makes you think, so many people hate each other on behalf of the millions they lead…


    The only time I ever wanted something from Benetton was when all the kids in school had the duffel bag in 1993.

  • Nathan


    It’s only disrespectful if you think that there’s something wrong with homosexuality.

    I think that they’re awesome – funny, unexpected and powerful and bound to go viral fast (and likely even spawn a meme), so very good advertising.

  • Nathan


    I find your comment far more offensive than these ad campaigns. Get out of the 50’s, there’s nothing offensive or pornographic about 2 men kissing each other, grow up!

  • woah!

  • The whole idea is to bring more attention and selling to Benetton and that’s why its a successful campaign!

    Proactive & disgusting yet creative!

  • Michael

    this sucks, in so many ways, none of them good 😉

  • Dan

    I agree with Natalie. Shock isn’t shock anymore – it’s just a list of all the old familiars in the film. Youth? tick. Sex? tick. Struggle? tick. Cute baby? tick. Nature? Tick.

    Unsubtle and shallow is what Benetton means to me.

    Of course this stream of complaints is the whole point of Benetton which makes it even more shallow to me. Grow up and show us something considered and heartfelt – not just the same old lazy nonsense.

  • Dave

    Are Benetton still going?

  • Alejandro Ortiz has been working on a series of Oil painting on exactly the same image for tha past 3 years, exhibitibg his work in galleires and art fairs around the world..Do you think this is a mere coincidence?
    his contact: ortizmexia

  • Jonathan H


    The pope is making the world a safer place for peadophiles around the world.

  • Ticks all my boxes…

  • Gunge

    Successful campiagn in that it got people talking.
    No doubt the creative director was familiar with this famous Bush-Cheney artwork from graphic novel artist Alex Ross:

  • Stern John

    Put out a deliberately provocative ad campaign.
    Receive inevitable complaints from those depicted.
    Instantly pull ad campaign and apologise.

    This was and always will be a terrible idea.

  • Benetton’s “UnHate” ad campaign is inspired by the Art of Dmitri Vlubel.
    A bit like modern art, when your product/idea is not amazing, make it shocking.
    Hey, as long as it works…..

  • mike

    i am curious as to why this campaign is so male dominated. the only female visible in this is frau merkel. it just seems like women are not victims of hate as well as that powerful men are the only perpatrators – most of them non-whites as well. the idea and execution are rather superficial, but i like the proposal. don’t think it will bring world peace though…

  • Pearse

    Floats my boat.

  • @Req

    I’m not saying it confuses me, but that Benetton’s message is confused. I don’t think it’s clear what they are saying, and this then leads to misinterpretation. Just like their, seabird covered in oil, posters.

    This campaign strikes me as irresponsible, when today what is needed is socially responsible companies.


    Garments. Skin. Race. Persuasion.
    “United Colours”
    Like Saville’s multi-coloured St George crosses. No?

    For me it’s a great example of an extreme visual extrapolation of the company’s core campaign mantra. A willingness to go to beyond selling clothes, whether cynical/calculated or not. I love that something intended for product promotion – ‘the ad’ can promote such debate and introspection.

    Benetton back to their Toscani best.

  • It seems far too many people are missing the point, these ads are, and always have been, to raise questions and be controversial. In the process it expresses the brands views on a certain subject and hopefully encourages questions and discussion.

    @Natalie you are a prime example, you point out that it makes you think and then in the next sentence (all in caps no less) you ask what it has to do with selling clothes!!

    It’s all about brand awareness and brand promotion and in the process encourages people to believe in the products they sell.

    I personally love them, and have enjoyed most of the Benetton adverts. It’s good to see some brands still have balls.

    Cheers X

  • Ed

    Who cares if people have been offended by the ads? Surely that’s the point.

    Benetton should uphold their right to offend people.

  • shahira

    it is a silly attempt to sell!! i dont consider it creative.

  • How is this shocking? As others have said, it’s only offensive if you are offended by men kissing each other. Come on, this is 2011. Is it disrespectful? Only if you believe any of these people deserve respect. It’s brilliant – funny and thought-provoking with a message we should all adhere to. Well done Benetton. Proper advertising at last.

  • newman

    If only they made clothes as good as their advertising.

  • A

    Im shocked by some of the comments on here more-so than the ads.
    @ Natalie ‘ Sexual suggestion just makes it crude’

    Its a kiss, Im sorry but in a world of Lady Gaga’s, Xfactor, page 3, The only way is… and all sort of nonsense, with over sexualisation that young people pay actually pay attention to, do you really think a poster with 2 guys kissing is sexual and crude. Thats mad. Are we not to kiss anymore, because our kids may go out and have underage sex. As for the pope, Jonathan H comments sum it up for me. The Vatican as an entity is waaaay more offensive than these ads.

    Doesn’t matter, weather there banned or anything now. People are talking, job done.

  • UBS

    Benetton manages to empty all the meaning out of political imagery and injects the remaining vague smugly altruistic aura into their brand image. Their ads are an insult to anyone trying to communicate actual political content or an actual opinion about anything. I dare them to come out for a specific cause in their advertising rather than fetishized faux agitprop BS.

  • Tsiv

    I can’t imagine this campaign doing more than pissing off a few world leaders and sell them a bunch of clothes (fashion) by means of appealing to those who love shock by alliegence to the shocker but not by being the ones doing the shocking. Yes this is disrespectful and if this is meant to make us turn around and change our minds towards a better more harmonious world I can’t see that it might at all. Piece of crap from a big brand, If you ask me, but you aren’t.

  • Eng Lim

    The concept to promote UNHate is great, especially after so much violence lately. But respect of individualism, culture and embracing each others differences to a common goal of Unity is not put across tastefully & effectively. To me, United Colors is unity of all disregards of colors and UNHate is not just kiss & all is good. The idea of Kissing among the world leaders is merely just to create controversial feelings & instead of living up to the branding of United Colors, it just open another social issue. Every company should be responsible for Big what they stand for; Is Benetton out to be different for the sake of it. Good advertising is also responsible advertising. There is a social responsibility & it will make a consumer proud to wear the brand. The Kiss wall clip is bringing across a better message than the Posters. One comment, “Benetton should uphold their right to OFFEND people” Why have an ad campaign of “UNHATE” You are conflicting yourself. Your earlier ads is better & have a stronger social message… ” The Black & White Kid” I want to wear on me a company who dares to speak up for the good of all & not ridicule others. These posters to me is just great photoshop work & does not promote UNHate But the contrary. What are you selling, Benetton?

  • Bashir

    BENETTON is a disgrace to fashion and the world. For FKIN sake this are our elected officials. These are public figures and using their images for sexual promotions is disgusting and distasteful.

    I look forward to seeing BENETTON in court or at least been taken some real legal action for their disrespect for authority.

  • Carlos

    Toyally tastless to use the glorification of homosexuality as the solution to the world crisis. Nothing new beacause Benetton is a lousy company with a license to offend.

  • jose pimentel


  • boo


  • I didn’t realise they were still in business. I do now, but still don’t have the faintest idea what their clothes are like or any desire to find out.

  • Am currently writing my dissertation about ethical graphic design and started by discussing what ethics are and have quoted Tibor Kalman. Benettons new ad campaign will give me some interesting material to discuss. But tell me, is it ethical?

  • Andrea

    The most shocking thing about this post is the spelling in some of the comments.

    As for the ads, I love them.

  • Nett

    If everyone is done masturbating over the concept, lets consider Benetton and how this fits with what they peddle. If they are just trying to shock the elders and win favor with the youth, then they are achieving that. But has anyone considered how BORING their clothes are? I mean really. DULL. Shouldn’t their clothes be more out there, daring, alternative? This is more of a brand disconnect than any I have seen recently. Benetton has, in the past, offered a wide variety of bright color in their clothes which worked very well with their message of uniting the peoples of many colors in its day. What are we uniting here with this sexual delivery of love between world and religious leaders? These characters hugging probably would not have the effect of photoshopping them kissing, but it also might not offend so many people who probably need this message the most. The ultimate effect of this ad only exacerbates the problems they are trying to address.


  • PatrickBurgoyne

    @ Samuel

    Don’t want to burst your bubble but the ads are an Italian/US co-production, nothing to do with the UK

  • JustMe

    this is the inspiration of this ads. For those who dont know spanish, use google translator.

  • mark

    Cheap shock value for the sake of selling product, completely disregarding honest communication and respect for the rights of world leaders to not be falsely represented. Garbage, more whatever-it-takes to move product schlock.

  • joanne

    Creative minds at work!

  • Linda Lobeck

    That’s disgusting. Surely you can depict unhate better than this garbage

  • It’s almost become run of the mill these days for a fashion retailer to instigate some degree of controversy when it decides to revamp its image and of course its bottom line.

    Trying to sell fashion otherwise has almost become blasphemy…after all nothing sells better than controversy, no matter what side of the coin one stands. Of course Benetton is secretly gloating…even if you’re disposed to sending them hate mail.

  • Adam

    Absolutely brilliant conceptually and fantastically well done technically.

  • Luke


    “…disrespectful to both the people…and the general public.”

    Education and information breeds tolerance. Ignorance breeds intolerance.

    “…my community will stop buying Benetton products…”

    I am thankful that I do not live within your community.

  • Ran d:)

    I don’t get it…how is falseness supposed to promote anything honest? And I’m sick of corporate marketing tactics attempting to manipulate society to benefit themselves, and their f’n bottom line. This is just a bunch of BS. Don’t know why I even wasted my time reading any of this (or commenting). I certainly have better things to do…at least I SHOULD.

    Off to better things…

  • I too think this is great, what is there to not understand about promoting togetherness rather than promoting desire, aggression & alienation? I too studied Benetton from a photographers perspective, and wrote about them while studying. I love the campaign and admire them for going back to the principles Olivier Toscani made them famous for, and principles which made the company yet also in turn attempted to cripple the creative that surely made them as a company. Glad to see they cannot ‘be’ Benetton without this marketing force against the conventional & the unequal.

  • Sam

    Another successful campaign by Benetton that’s provoked an incredible reaction, not only in mainstream media but also all over the web.

    I’d still question the originality of the idea though. There’s Dmitri Vrubel’s Berlin wall painting from 1990 which is no doubt the inspiration for the ads. There are also similar works already posted by Alejandro Ortiz and Gunge in this thread.

    I’d like to add 2SICKBASTARDS’ street art piece, ‘George4Saddam’, from 2003 to that list.

    It’s a shame that a lot of people who recognise the brilliance of these ads will probably not have the same appreciation for any of the other works that came before it (and that may have been ripped off by 72andsunny) simply because none of these artists had the power of a big business to take their ideas to such a large audience.

  • underdog

    i miss the oliviero toscani days, this is too formulaic
    and where’s the famous kiss shared between tevez and maradona?

  • Silvio


  • Oli

    Obviously by this tirade of comments the Ad is a big success and all of the press, of course they are great as shockers. But surely the sexual undertone is just in there for shock factor as ‘nett’ pointed out they wouldn’t get so much press if it was just a hug, however surely when people ‘unhate’ they don’t necessarily hump each other! Fine for the press ad’s to grab attention and for some fun… but for the film, please, rioting and then people romping around in the buff. What’s next? a bunch of hipsters doing it on a tank in the middle east?

    Press was great but film ruined it for me, ‘peace’ isnt sticking your tongue down someone’s throat. Maybe lose the strapline and the weak film… great photoshop and great stir.



  • Pom

    Sadly, here we go again. This type of work is quite wonderful in how it provokes, questions and unsettles. It’s what good communication should do. However, any spirit is sucked dry from it by the very fact that it’s core objective is to sell clothes for yet another fashion label. It’s a shame. This is sadly old world mentality just being recycled yet again. Consumers are no longer stupid, the world is no longer as naive. I’ve had countless friends and family ask me about this campaign. They have all said the same thing – it’s great, but really it’s just a shock campaign to sell clothes. People realise that the objective for these efforts is commerce, not culture or education, as the spin goes.

    What we need are these sort of campaigns for organisations and initiatves that actually matter. When that happens, we would have moved forward. Until then we will continue to spin wheels as a society.

  • Barbudos

    Wow, even Berlusconi has chipped in! I guess you’ve got a lot more time on your hands now Silvio?

    I am amazed at how narrow-minded so many CR readers are – to be ‘shocked’ and ‘disgusted’ by the Unhate campaign. The concept may not be original (2sickbastards’ more recent George Bush & Saddam Hussein stencil from a few years back sprang to mind for me), but it’s well executed and well timed and certainly has caused a stir, which is no bad thing if you’re aiming to raise awareness of your brand.

    Benetton’s true motives can obviously be questioned but as some people have already commented, there aren’t many brands who’d be prepared to stick their necks out with such a controversial campaign on a global scale. As for being offended, what is it that people find offensive? Two men kissing? Two politicians kissing? Two religious figures kissing? Whether they’re holier than thou or corrupt as f*ck, I don’t see what’s offensive about a kiss? Whatever the motive, it’s a positive message… right? Or am I missing something?

  • Anil

    If Benetton wants shock and awe – then they have got it. But must admit, this is one brave campaign. The video is much more subtle compared to the print canmpaign. I frankly do not understadn the sense of outrage over Pope’s image being slurred – isn’t he supposed to stand for Love and therefore, “UNHATE”?
    If the underlying message of “UN -Hate” is understood by even half the politicians and despots around the world, then the world would be a better place to live in…I would have loved to see Asif Zardari and Manmohan Singh in a liplock, though both are not given to any known sense of humour – the world’s biggest population (well, almost) is at stake in the subcontinent. Kudos to the Creative team! Love it – keep it flowing

  • random elite

    Loved it to bits!

    In fact I have posted this “review” everywhere I could, or found relevant.

    Another fact is that I don’t think I have ever bought Benetton clothing in the past couple of decades (or ever). But I certainly will this Christmas! IMHO, the pope got the prize, to share along with Obama photogeneity, naturally! A smooch for the winners would be awesome!

    To all the (conservative) haters: haters will hate. Except that this campaign is all about “unhating”. So you actually didn’t even get it — why wasting your time criticizing it? Who cares?

    To be honest, I think this “ad” made Benetton a lot more “elitist” all of a sudden, out of the blue.

    Awesome! More! :-)

  • Francisco De Goya

    Well in my opinion I think it would be better if they dropped their prices, this way making it easier for everyone to have access, everybody could come out winning, more or less solving the hate problems inside our own countries. I think these images are not that shocking, in fact I have seen these images done by other artists depicted on the columns above, the curiosity is: in one hand the artist genuinely sending out his opinion, the other you have a BRAND sending out its opinion. Nowadays man is capable of doing everything to make some cash, this is just fireworks to attract the fainted of heart.

  • George

    Phuuuu… poor ideas….any newer?
    Do Benetton able to make a wearable jeans?
    Fu…ing shock? Hellyeah!
    Wearable clothes? Ohhhhnnoooooooooo….

  • Bethany Mercedes Callister

    Benetton dont just produce this ads just to sell there products, they are making a statement to the never ending battle of equality, equality with the people that work for company and who produce there clothes. Wether the campaign has an idea behind it, its main purpose as it seems now is to make people aware of their name, with these shocking campaigns the name Benetton is being thrown around. So, wether they are using these ads to promote themselves as a brand or to make people aware of the problems within equality, there name is still being mention and advertising of the brand is still happeneing

  • Benetton back to their controversial best!

  • Chuck

    What a great and startling visual way to make a clear point — that we can all get along, if we try. Wouldn’t it be nice if “leaders” actually tried to take us in that direction. These kisses show us, in challenging way, just how far we and our leaders have yet to go.

  • I don’t see how it is going to make people buy their clothes. Yes, the campaign is controversial but am I going to buy their top – the answer is No.

  • Sam

    I do not know why people are making a big fuss out of nothing?

  • alex

    getting up peoples noses is all we have left. enjoy it.

    also has nobody mentioned the shit type?

  • It remind me so much of a campaign with a topless girl “In a week , I remove the lower” that was made by a french advertizer. This was shocking.. but.. genius !
    so it is there, for sure Benetton got some people talking ! I wonder if China will ban this one ? :-) (After all Citroen lost the Beijing taxi market because of one photo that was not to the taste of china government !)
    Looking forward for the reactions ! Bravo Benetton ! Give us more, we need in this low economy !

  • The one with Kim is awesome :)

  • Leila

    I am so moved by this campain. After the video I felt so passionate about equality that I was almost moved to tears. To see so many horrible comments for such a good cuse truthfully disgusts me. Who cares who Benetton are and what their brand is, at the end of the day this campain is about one thing and one thing only – unhate, equality, unity, love, peace. People who believe this is offensive or disgusting are only proving how nessesary it is for campains like this to be around, until the day when a picture of two political or religious figures kissing is not taken as offensive by anyone campains like this will always be needed to make known to problems and the hate within our society.

    To say that the images are sexual or provocative is an excuse. The kisses are in no way sexual, they’re touching lips, the way parents kiss their children, it’s a show of affection and love, nothing sexual about it. The only reason people are getting offended, in my opinion and from what I’ve seen on here, is because most of the visuals are of two men. What’s that if it’s not hateful and discriminative views? The thing I find most offensive and disgusting are peoples hatred towards a campain for love; how can humans condemn a campain that stands for something so pure as equality and love, isn’t that what everyone needs in their lives?