John Lewis tugs those xmas heartstrings again

They’ve done it again: Adam & Eve’s new Christmas ad for John Lewis tugs at a nation’s heartstrings as a little boy awaits the special day

They’ve done it again: Adam & Eve’s new Christmas ad for John Lewis tugs at a nation’s heartstrings as a little boy awaits the special day

The ad is entitled The Long Wait and was directed by Dougal Wilson. If the reaction on Twitter is anything to go by, it’s another winner, although Charlie Brooker is attempting to spread the idea that, at the end, that box contains a nasty surprise…

Here’s the making-of film

Full credits:

Client: John Lewis
Product: Christmas
Agency: Adam & Eve
Agency Producer: Matt Craigie
Creative Director: Ben Priest. Emer Stamp and Ben Tollett
Creatives: Matt Gay and John Long


Directed by: Dougal Wilson
Production Company: Blink
Executive Producer: James Bland
Produced by: Ben Link
DOP: Lasse Frank
Production Designer: Andy Kelly
Costume Design: Michelle May
Editor: Joe Guest
Editing House: Final Cut
Post Production: Moving Picture Company
Music: Major Tom
Sound: Factory Sound


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  • Michael

    Best one this year. Very very good.

    That doesn’t really do it justice though.

  • Love it, nice little twist in the end too!

  • Hannah

    Love it.

  • My money’s on Gwyneth Paltrow’s severed head

  • love it

  • G

    A: No child would EVER shop at John Lewis.

    B: What’s the matter with Slade/Roy Wood????? Does every advert these days need some acoustic-instrument-accompanied female who sings from the back of her throat in a twee, quaint, quirky, ever so slightly Kermit the Frog-ish way doing a cover song?

    C: OK the advert is still quite good.

  • I really love it! M&S are you watching? THIS is a Christmas ad

  • I am surely not the only Smiths fan for whom this ad is a horrible cheapening of an immortal tune.

    If you know the lyrics to the original – ‘the luck I’ve had, can turn a good man bad’ – it comes across as yet another misjudged / opportunist attempt to harness the power of a known tune to the wrong cause (as the Tories are so good at doing). It’s a song that turns upon a slightly disturbing combination of deep longing and excessive self-pity… it just doesn’t feel right to have it turned into some sentimental Radio 2 tear-jerker.

    (Apologies to all the JLP lovers and Smiths haters out there.)

  • Ben

    Not quite as good as some previous years, but A&E are doing a great job in creating a set of future classics, consistently some of the best ads of the last few years.

  • Lovely!

    Coming from a biased JLP partner.

  • Eilidh

    I am not an enthusiastic Smiths fan but read this article to understand what Freddie is meaning. It’s not a bad advert, it does it’s job well, but if you are going to appropriate a piece of music don’t use a song that is the antithesis of what you want to communicate. Having said this, it begs the question why the Smiths agreed to this in the first place.

  • The little child is so lovely that I love it.

  • Gavin

    I agree with Freddie B & Eilidh Re: utter misappropriation of the Smith’s cover.

    The ending, however, completely redeems the advert (the song might even be in service of this – expecting the boy to go and unwrap his own presents).

    Promotes all the best parts of gift giving (family & selflessness) and takes away all the bad ones (materialism & greed) – super ending.

  • This is what advertising is all about. Driving the audience down a road so far then taking a sharp right at the very end revealing the true meaning behind the advert. Ive watched this so many times. Clever advertising.

  • My name may be Ebinezer Scrooge, but dont you just hate it when they start playing christmas records in supermarkets.

  • Such a great twist at the end!
    Watched the video 3 times and wanted to cry each time!!
    So heart wrenching… but lovely

  • I thought I had this advet all figured out. But then the penny dropped. Awesome , just awesome!

  • Tom

    Made me feel sick.

  • James

    Did you not enjoy Christmas as a child Tom???

  • ray


    Loved it. Intelligent advertising, beautifully executed.

    Not sure why this would make anyone feel sick? Nor do I care if the original lyrics by the Smiths are appropriate. . . , and what this has got to do with politics? . . . I mean really, and anti-Tory rant about a Christmas advert . . . lost me!

    Great work A&E. Can see this being repeated again and again in the future. Straw poll in the studio has 11 out of 12 liking it. The odd ball is a bitter and twisted soul and isn’t liked much anyway! :)

  • Fantastic advert that promotes what ‘the giving spirit’ of Christmas is really all about…
    Can see myself enjoying this each time it’s on during the festive period.
    Great Advertising!

  • Great advert, think that will be the best ad for me this year.

  • rob

    loved the advert! very clear and great song choice (sorry for sounding like gary barlow!)

  • excellent, great commercial, the kid is great!

  • I really like this advert. Good attention to detail, especially with the boy waking up early morning at 6:45 on christmas morning. We have all been there.

    The child actor is brilliant and makes the advert what it is!