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Paper toys: Tetsuya Watabe


Posted by Creative Review, 24 November 2011, 12:30    Permalink    Comments (7)

Tetsuya Watabe's paper toys might be small, but they're hugely impressive. His work also features in the December issue of CR in our article on paper toys. Here's a peek at some of his impressive papercrafted characters...

To see more of Watabe's work, visit his site at ('kami' means paper in Japanese).


Stay tuned for more paper toy art on the blog this week - and look out for the new December issue of CR in the shops which will feature a bound-in 170gsm blank custom Tougui toy template (in association with Arojowiggins Creative Papers) so you can make your own (blank version shown above). The best customised toy will win prizes! Full details to follow later in the week.


cute! :-)
2011-11-24 14:28:00

Some of these are like sculptures. Really impressive.
2011-11-25 13:21:42

George Vranjkovic
2011-11-25 15:23:42

2011-11-25 16:10:55

Wow! Still baffles me every time I see this type of work.
2011-11-25 16:21:01

Great work!
2011-11-25 23:22:01

WOW, that's art. Great job with the paper.
Vinko Rezba
2011-11-26 03:02:51

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