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CR November issue: The Photography Annual

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Posted by Creative Review, 26 October 2011, 12:40    Permalink    Comments (16)

Creative Review's November issue is our biggest for five years: 196 pages including 9 on Saul Bass, 6 on Brighton's new football stadium, 6 on China's young creatives and 85 pages of great images in our Photography Annual 2011


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The Photography Annual is our showcase of great commercial images produced during the past year. We have some fantastic selected work this year including images from the likes of Nadav Kander, Dean Chalkley, Nick Meek Julia Fullerton-Batten and many, many more

As ever, the Photography Annual comes as a special double issue of CR with all the content from the regular magazine included. This month we have a fantastic piece on the late great Saul Bass by Rick Poynor


A report on how design studio Corridor worked with the local community to fill Brighton & Hove Albion's new football stadium with imagery


A great piece on those seldom-celebrated but vital creative matchmakers, ad agency art buyers


And we interview one of the founders of Neocha EDGE, the Shanghai-based showcase and agency for young creative talent in China


Plus, James Pallister writes on the link between design and the British high street and current creative efforts to tackle the problem of empty shops


And Mark Sinclair tells the story of one of Coke's most famous ads – the Yes girl. Its artist, Haddon Sundblom, was possibly most famous for his Santa Claus ads for the brand, something he made cheeky reference to in his final commercial commission for Playboy (note how interested our friend in the ad opposite appears to be...)


In our Crit section this month David Crowley discusses the importance of Postmodernism, tying in with the current show at the V&A


The important role of Dutch designer Ootje Oxenaar in that country's design scene is explained by Els Kuijpers, author of a new book on Oxenaar


Jeremy Leslie discusses the snobbery with which graphic designers sometimes treat their editorial peers


MIchael Evamy's regular logo column looks at the new BA coat of arms


And Gordon Comstock, our regular ad industry columnist, contemplates resignation


Our Monograph booklet ths month, for subscribers only, features vintage fireworks ads courtesy of a Museum of British Folklore exhibition at the Compton Verney gallery via Simon Costin

Bang on!

Our front and back covers ths month feature photograms by John Ross made by exposing material directly onto a digital camera back to create a letter 'P' for Photography. We'll be posting more soon on how this was done


If you would like to buy this issue and are based in the UK, you can search for your nearest stockist here. Based outside the UK? Simply call +44(0)207 292 3703 to find your nearest stockist. Better yet, subscribe to CR for a year here and save yourself almost 30% on the printed magazine and get Monograph every month for free


The front cover looks awesome, I cannot wait to get my hands on this. Plus a big feature on Saul Bass, I heard good reading arriving in the post.
2011-10-27 08:12:02

Looks fantastic. Great job,
2011-10-27 11:46:35

Photography is still a difficult art to master.
Bip Mistry
2011-10-27 11:50:44

Looks great. What is it with dogs wearing glasses though? I think I'll submit kittens in baskets next year to both CR and the AoP. Infantile sentimental schmaltz is the one of the biggest searches on Google and it seems not win over photography judges every time.
Dan K
2011-10-27 12:15:09

As a photographer and a football fan, its great to see Corridor's work in Brighton recognised - an important community based project. Hopefully other clubs take note and build initiatives with fans, rather than continually trying to squeeze every last penny out of them.
Liverpool Photographer
2011-10-27 13:14:02

Pretty snazzy chico!
Branding / Identity / Design
2011-10-29 00:28:52

On my way out to buy this copy now.
Always good for inspiration, or possibly a reason to give up photography!
2011-11-02 10:42:39

Always an inspiration...
2011-11-02 11:07:37

Most of the work in the Photography Annual is stunning, but I notice that the portrait of Chloe Grace Moretz by Julia Fullerton-Batten hasn't been featured here, although it was first up in the magazine. How did such an average shot get into Best in Book? Am I missing something?
Kelvin Jenkins
2011-11-02 12:03:00

Looks great this album
2011-11-05 12:16:54

Great to see the Tinie Tempah shoot featured in the Photography Annual, we supported Nadav on this project and can say that he was a pleasure to work with.
RGB Photographic
2011-11-08 17:30:57

Would love to get a copy out here in Tenerife...any kind soul coming this way care to bring me one?
Phil Crean
2011-11-09 09:30:39

is there no way whatsoever to order just one solitary issue of CR online to be delivered? I'm prepared to pay the price!
Das Elk
2011-11-16 19:43:37

@Das Elk

If you call us on +44207 292 3703 we can help
CR PatrickBurgoyne
2011-11-16 20:47:49

Thoose dogs are cute.. Do anybody knows what type of pet is that dog with the round head ?
2012-04-27 18:36:43

I love the graphics..very creative! The pin-up girl graphic is really good.
2012-10-12 13:09:23

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