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Tom Gauld's Goliath, the giant's story

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Posted by Mark Sinclair, 31 October 2011, 16:41    Permalink    Comments (1)

Comic book artist Tom Gauld is set to release a new book next year through Drawn & Quarterly. The Montreal-based publishers recently put some preview pages from the forthcoming Goliath up on their site...

There are two other pages from the book up on the Drawn & Quarterly blog, and on receipt of Gauld's recent email newsletter, we wanted to share two of them here on the blog. (The joke on one of the other pages is well worth the visit to D&Q's site.)

As the title implies, the story is Gauld's take on the famous tale of little guy with slingshot taking on apparently forbidding huge guy – but this time told from the battle-shy giant's perspective.

Goliath is available to pre-order in the UK from Amazon here. More of Gauld's work at

Read the other two pages from Drawn & Quarterly's preview of Goliath, here.

1 Comment

Looks great. Am a big fan of Tom's work. A true craftsman. Will definitely be adding this to my wishlist.
2011-11-01 10:18:55

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