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Posted by Creative Review, 21 September 2011, 14:29    Permalink    Comments (5)

If you are heading to the London Design Festival's Tent London show, be sure to pick up a copy of the rather nice accompanying directory designed by Marc&Anna using Rick Banks' F37 Bella font

Tent London is a major design trade show with over 200 exhibitors showing furniture, lighting, ceramics, textiles, materials and so on, plus various installations and extra shows which will be at the Truman Brewery from September 22 to 25.

Marc&Anna's 48-page directory is printed on the same pink paper used by the FT. It makes great use of a slightly altered F37 Bella, which we previously blogged about here. "We tweaked the font slightly, so that the keyline serifs we're consistently 0.5pt (when used smaller they were very fine, and almost disappeard), says Marc&Anna's Marc Atkinson. "This meant that it would hold when reversed out of black on the press, and made sure that all the lines used throughout were the same."


Great design really utilising such a beautiful typeface
2011-09-21 15:07:01

Beautiful work, Bella looks lovely!
2011-09-21 16:26:50

It looks great!. Not obvious with pink color background.
I love it!
2011-09-22 16:21:46

The perfect fit for Bella. Lovely stuff.
2011-09-23 11:03:01

that type face is stylish and bold; perfect text for its purpose.
David Kelly
2011-09-28 09:13:21

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