Design a charity poster for Bestival

Want to design a poster for New Order? De La Soul? Stevie Wonder? Bestival, Screenadelica and CR are offering readers the chance to design a poster for one of the headline acts at Bestival 2012 which will be sold for charity at the event

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Want to design a poster for New Order? De La Soul? Stevie Wonder? Bestival, Screenadelica and CR are offering readers the chance to design a poster for one of the headline acts at Bestival 2012 which will be sold for charity at the event.

Each year Bestival and Screenadelica stage a show of screenprinted gig posters by UK and Irish illustrators and designers at the music festival (CR subscribers will have seen some of these in our December Monograph).

For this year’s festival, Screenadelica and Bestival are staging an open competition to create a poster for one of the headline acts: Stevie Wonder, New Order, The xx, Sigor Rós, Bat for Lashes, Justice, Orbital, Gallows, De La Soul, The Horrors, Roots Manuva and one more headliner still to be announced.

The winning design, as chosen by a panel of Bestival head honcho Rob da Bank, Creative Review editor Patrick Burgoyne, Bestival programme editor Sean Bidder and the good folk from Screenadelica, will be printed and sold at the festival with 100% of profits going to the Bestival Foundation.

All details are here. Deadline: June 1.

Here are some of last year’s posters by way of inspiration:

Brian Wilson poster by Lesley Barnes


British Sea Power by Telegramme

Eagles of Death Metal by Gav Beattie

  • Great competition. Better get cracking!

  • Emma

    Is there a prize for this competition?! Like tickets to Bestival? I realise it would be great to have your posters printed and sold, but it would also be good to go and actually see them at the festival!

  • Dylan

    Design competitions… Good exposure for the winner or just devaluing our services further?

    What did last years winners get for their efforts?

    Clearly, not a commission for this years posters!

    D Davies

  • Leigh Percival

    When is good design ever about profit and fame? Stamp the scene with your style and bathe in the satisfactory glow that you did your best and brought something awesome life.


  • PatrickBurgoyne

    @ Dylan

    I think you’ve got the wrong end of the stick here. The other 12 posters in the exhibition have been commissioned, one extra one will be by the competition winner. Some of the artists will have been involved in other Screenadelica events. All profits from poster sales go to charity. Is that ‘devaluing your services’ or using your talent for a good cause and getting valuable exposure as well as a great portfolio piece and an introduction to the gig poster scene into the bargain?

  • wood folk club

    @ PatrickBurgoyne and Leigh Percival well said! Can’t believe how self centred, selfish and egotistical some people are. This is a lovely idea and well worth the time, and if you think about it a small amount of time, it would take to produce a poster for charity and your own exposure.

  • sounds good, I might do one – done screen-printed charity posters before, although I think that Bestival could throw in a free ticket also – one ticket is nothing to them.

  • Just to clarify, the winner does get a free ticket to the festival, as did the winner last year. Last years winners have been very active with Screenadelica throughout the year, we have offered them further commissions and exhibitions. We wanted to offer designers other than our seasoned gig poster artists a chance to get involved, as profits go to the Bestival Foundation charity, we dont have a budget to offer financial commissions, but you will receive a 10% of the printed posters which you can sell yourself plus a bestival ticket, combined they are greater than most would offer for a commission. We never wanted this to be compared to ‘spec’ jobs…

  • Alexa

    I think this competition is a great way to get involved. I just finished my design, and im waiting on it to upload to email off to the folk at Screenadelica. No doubt it took a great effort, but id be chuffed to bits if it was picked for such a major festival. Art and music jobs are very special and difficult to come across, I think it’s our responsibility to think positively about opportunities such as this, and if you can’t find some sort of pleasure in designing a poster for charity WITH an opportunity to get some exposure then you probably shouldn’t be an artist!

    Thanks again!!!

    ; )

  • I tried to email my entry few times – kept on bouncing (small file).
    I emailed alternative email adresses and tried to contact them thru
    twitter and facebook but to no avail. Not to be perhaps.

  • Sarah

    Hey If our design was recieved, would we have had a verification email sent back?

  • I was over eager and entered my poster very early on. Was wondering when the results would be?



  • Just wondering whatever happen with this competition?

    I send a few entries off and never got any confirmation. I also posted a comment on the blog and still no response. Would be good to see the winning entries. Any help would be much appreciated CR. Cheers

  • I think that the whole idea of this competition is a great method to involve people, especially those young ones to let them design something special that can make a difference. Keep up great work Bestival!