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Posted by Creative Review, 20 April 2012, 9:41    Permalink    Comments (9)

New York-based designer and filmmaker Hillman Curtis, whose series of documentaries profiled leading figures in the creative industries, has died aged just 51.

Curtis passed away on April 18 after a long battle with colon cancer. His Artist Series of short films on the likes of MIlton Glaser, Paula Scher and Danile Libeskind delighted many.

In 2010 he directed Ride, Rise, Roar a documentary of David Byrne's tour of that year. More recently he had been working with Stefan Sagmeister on The Happy Film in which Sagmeister undertakes a series of tasks, "from the sublime to the ridiculous", designed to promote happiness.

Thank You Hillman for everything you have done to help CR and others.


Another bad news.

A talented man goes again.

A real shame.

2012-04-20 15:59:23

A real great inspiration. I still feel he would have set some new parameters for the future of internetcontent. I will miss him, and he will be missed... RIP Hillman.
2012-04-22 21:35:58

So sad, an incredible inspiration.
2012-04-23 03:49:09

A huge source of inspiration for me when I was starting out in interactive design. He will be missed.
Dave McClinton
2012-04-23 07:26:18

One of the first inspirations in my career. Talented beyond most.
Ryan Boyd
2012-04-23 11:19:49

Indeed a serious loss to the creative world. BIG respects to his family, friends, and collaborators.
Marco Espirito Santo
2012-04-23 12:35:06

It was a pleasure to meet you Hillman! Thanks for the inspiration and for being so friendly. And for signing my book and badge at Flash Forward way back in 2k6. You will be missed.
James Jay Jordan
2012-04-24 03:57:49

This is a very sad piece of news, i have only just found out. Hillman's vision, and the tranquility of his films are a real loss the the design world at large. The 'happy film' with Sagmeister has been a favourite for a while now. It always reminds me that the reason I got into design was to have fun with it. Its very easy to get caught up with what Hillmans calls 'the big corporate jobs' and forget that.
copperhead studios
2012-05-08 16:29:56

Very sad news...very inspirational to my career and his books really contributed to my thinking about graphic and interactive designs... WIll be missed...!
2012-05-10 13:12:58

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