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Tim Burton shoots The Killers' new video

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Posted by Gavin Lucas, 17 December 2012, 11:30    Permalink    Comments (5)

Craig Roberts (the lead in Richard Ayoade's debut film Submarine) and Winona Ryder star in the video for The Killers' track Here With Me, shot by Tim Burton...

Produced by Th2ng - which has worked with Burton on many of his film's title sequences - the video was shot in various locations in Blackpool and features Roberts playing a man obsessed with a female film star (Ryder). It was inspired by the song lyrics and, apparently, a 1935 American horror film called Mad Love.

This is the second time Burton has directed a music video for The Killers - he directed the promo for Bones in 2006.

Director Tim Burton
Executive producers Hannah Cooper, th2ng / Derek Frey, Tim Burton
Production manager Alex Bedford, th2ng
Art director David Balfour
DoP Tom Townend
Editor Chris Lebenzon



Everything was going along fine, then LOL at the last 40 seconds...
Luke Tonge
2012-12-17 15:29:13

Everything was going along fine, then the music started ...
tim sinclair
2012-12-17 17:22:50

Everything was going fine and then he turned into a candle lol. Great artistic video.
2012-12-17 18:32:05

I think it takes a special mind to create such awsomeness!... congrats all those who worked on this. I just so happen to love the music! Tim Burton and RR... of course. Many many loves of her work! * All those who don't get it*....go back to Disneyworld

2012-12-18 06:32:03

Everything was going along fine, than the clip started ...
2012-12-18 21:23:44

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