French Connection: I Am The Collection

101 has created a new campaign for French Connection, based on the theme ‘I Am The Collection’. As we have come to expect from the clothes brand, much of it is beautifully surreal…

fcsmall_0.jpg - French Connection: I Am The Collection - 4096

101 has created a new campaign for French Connection, based on the theme ‘I Am The Collection’. As we have come to expect from the clothes brand, much of it is beautifully surreal…

The campaign includes 20 mini-films that will play online. Some of the films are based around adjectives we might associate with the clothes, such as ‘colourful’ or ‘poetic’ (two films shown below)…

Others are more abstract, with French Connection-clad models performing everyday tasks, such as sleeping or being kept on hold on the phone, but all with a certain quirky twist…

In addition to the films there are also print executions, including the one shown top. This image has also been applied to the shopfront of the brand’s flagship Oxford Street store, to rather stunning effect.

Agency: 101
Creative director: Richard Flintham
Creative: Alice Stein
Design: Mark Elwood
Film production and editing: Antony & Olli, 11 Little Films
Production company: Webber Represents
Photographer: Gregoire Alexandre



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  • I like the FC campaign in general. However when we take our clients to the FC shops in and around London for personal styling. We find the collection rather like the off cuts of meats you can now buy in butcher shops however it’s not either a) cheap or any good really.

  • was this art directed by French & Saunders

  • Nice visuals, concept could be stronger.

  • Did 101 created the ‘i am …’ campaign for French Connection? So where does ‘I am Giullietta’ campaing for Alfa Romeo come from?

  • Like the guy in the last ad, I find holding an iron next to my head a more exciting experience than the FC campign.

    The concept is as poor as the lighting.

  • doesn’t really do anything for me, tend to agree with @Curator.

  • Rob

    Wow. this is poor. Conceptually limp, visually uninteresting. Its a woman eating a watermelon standing on a spinning pedestal. If this was from a comedy sketch show taking the piss out of art school students, it would still be rubbish.

    Whats most frustrating is that i actually quite like the “the collection is…” idea, showing it in different weird, creative or abstract contexts but it feels as if they came up with it, then went home and didn’t bother finishing it off.

  • This showcases the clothes well enough, but the ‘idea’ gets in the way. Unfortunately reminds me of the Microsoft “I’m a PC” campaign and (if anyone remembers), the intro to Camberwick Green. The problem with the Microsoft campaign, and this, is that their messages are introspective, and exclude their audience. Do I really care how the collection is feeling or what it’s doing, or even what it all means? Fashion brands are often excused the need to have a cogent advertising idea, but it’s to their detriment.

  • jordan

    I like cake, mmmmmmmm!

  • poppy

    simply and well executed. Like it

  • Alison

    I wouldn’t usually do this, but one of the finalists in this competition – Graham Clark – is currently sitting in 3rd place. I’m hoping you will all take some time out to vote for him on the following link:

    Whilst I know this competition should be judged on creativity, it unfortunately is a voting competition and ultimately a popularity contest.

    I would appreciate if you could all register a vote for “The collection is not to be trifled with” – by Graham Clark.

    As it is a popularity contest. I would just like to add that Graham is such a kind person and goes above and beyond the call of duty to help out others – Unsurprisingly, he isn’t even in this competition to win it for himself – he’s doing it out of the kindness of his heart, for someone else.

    So please do your bit to pay it forward and vote!

    Don’t mean to spam people or beg for votes, but he’s a good guy and its nice to do something nice for someone deserving.