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Graham Coxon asks fans to star in new video

Music Video / Film

Posted by Eliza Williams, 27 February 2012, 17:11    Permalink    Comments (3)

For the video for his new single What'll It Take, Graham Coxon invited his fans to be the stars...

Coxon requested help via the film below, which he placed on YouTube at the beginning of February. This explained the moves that fans should record themselves making, before uploading their films to Coxon's website.

The resulting video, shown below, sees the uploaded clips animated into the promo by director Ninian Doff. The project has similiarities with Japanese band Sour's video for track Hibi no neiro and the crowdsourced video One Frame of Fame for C'mon & Kypski, though the Coxon promo uses the footage in a more unusual manner by the end. Check it out below:

Director: Ninian Doff
Producer: Stacy Vaughan
Production Company: Pulse Films
Label: Parlophone
Commissioner: Oliver Hammerton


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typo: "...Monograph booklet very month." - every?
John Doe
2012-02-28 10:18:24

Must admit that when I started reading I thought "Well, tht's been done before." But that was awesome, ingenious and intuitive.
2012-02-28 11:53:01

Great idea and really love the instructional video with the do some of these...

The results look really effective. Nice to see a project which everyone could get involved with.
2012-02-29 10:05:51

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