Jamie Hewlett designs new Absolut London bottle

Absolut has launched a limited-edition, London-themed bottle, featuring a unique design by Jamie Hewlett.

absolut_londonsmall_0.jpg - Jamie Hewlett designs new Absolut London bottle - 4103

Absolut has launched a limited-edition, London-themed bottle, featuring a unique design by Jamie Hewlett.

Hewlett’s design is a take on London’s style and fashion pioneers over the past 200 years. Set against a familiar London backdrop, featuring iconic buildings such as St Paul’s Cathedral and the Gherkin, the illustration features seven characters, including the 18th century dandy, the pinstripe gent, 60s chick, punk and 80s casual.

The Absolut London edition will go on sale at Selfridges and Harvey Nichols in the city on March 1 (retailing at £20.99). Absolut is also offering people the chance to win one of 50 bottles in a competition held via Instagram. More details are online at facebook.com/absolutuk.



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  • Rally nice, quirky illustration, does add a new dimension to the creative Absolut bottles I’ve seen, really contributes to the series rather than being part of a ‘same but different’ range.

  • Barry Hearne

    I think he went out with my sister. She didn’t like him.

  • You can’t fault it, those characters are brilliant.

  • ber G

    awesome art! just wish I could buy it outside UK :(

  • The images add an element of depth to the bottles design similar to that of the Grey Goose Bottle. I will be sure to take a look next time I am in the shop that sells fridges

  • Perfectly compliments the Absolut brand and gives it even more Oomph! Crafted illustration Jamie.

  • Bowler hats and umbrellas? Hardly up to the minute.

    Ah! It’s for the tourists! Well Luv a Duck and Gawd Bless you Mary Poppins, that’s alright then…

    Sorry, his style irritates me a tad ;>)

  • Patrick

    Nice! Looks perfect for this brand!

  • Tom Redfern

    Absolut b******s. Jamie, you’re better than this, and you don’t need to do it for the money.

  • I’m not really sure about these… They look pretty good but maybe a little too Gorillaz-y…

  • Catherine

    Very nice..I really like the character style and colour scheme. I wish i could own one!

  • Nice! wish I could buy it outside.

  • Very awesome..I really like the personality design and structure. I wish i could own one!

  • Hi Jamie i found the Absolut London bottle Design very attractive…

  • Lee

    You cant say its too gorrilaz-y when thats his style of illustration :/

    Great Design in my opinion, very quirky.

  • Much as I like Jamie’s style it seems purely decorative in this context. I feel it needs to be more integrated into the product.


    It’s sad to see jamie forcing himself (no doubt) to accept commercial work then produce a below par illustration like this one. Why bother do it then? It looks quickly done, and lets face it if you have to resort to repeating the same character twice on a small bottle, you’re probably not enjoying the job much.

  • Coops

    Lazy illustration if you ask me, he’s just copied the main character, the guy in the top hat is the same as the guy to the left with dark hair. And the background buildings are just coloured photos!

  • Wow Jealousy seems to be widely spread. That’s a pity.
    Don’t know you, or of you Jamie Hewlett but, if this doesn’t very much add to the selling power of Absolut in London nothing will. Looks fun, full of life and I only wish I could get a bottle.
    Sheila Pearson Doty