Range Rover v Hadron Collider

RKCR/Y&R has continued its recent strong work for Land Rover/Range Rover with a new campaign for the Range Rover Sport set in the Large Hadron Collider, no less

RKCR/Y&R has continued its recent strong work for Land Rover/Range Rover with a new campaign for the Range Rover Sport set in the Large Hadron Collider, no less

The agency has picked up a string of awards for its Land Rover work, which includes Passport for the Defender (which we wrote about here).

The new Range Rover Sport campaign comprises a beautifully shot TV commercial (directed by Johnny Green) which imagines the SUV as the result of some high energy explosion at the Hadron Collider (great music, The Dead Texan: Aegina Airlines, not sure about the charging herd of wildebeest opening).

while the accompanying print work picks out features of the car in beams of light (photography by Lee Aldridge and Ben Edwards).



Agency: RKCR/Y&R, London
Creative director: Brian Fraser
Creative team: Adrian Lim and Steve Williams
Director: Johnny Green
Production: Hungry Man
Post-Production: The Mill




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  • Major flaw in the creative…(apart from the wildebeest)

    The point of the LHC is to COLLIDE particles,

    so the RR Sport would be going to…crash!

  • Rob

    Hmmm, this looks like some left over concepts they had for Virgin Media before they were dropped.

  • @ Curator

    I wouldn’t say it’s a flaw really. Sure it does collide particles, but isn’t the point to collide them in order to create?

  • @ Robbie

    The LHC smashes particles to see what they are made from.

    A bit like driving the RR Sport at a wall to see if it’s based on a Disco’ chassis.

  • Is the car really, really, really tiny then? I mean if it’s driving off down the LHC pipes.

  • Am I the only one who liked it then?

  • Apart from the totally unnecessary wildebeest opening I really liked this too.

  • Ady

    Go back to the drawing board and start again, we all know what a range rover sport is, but it doesn’t tell you anything about the car.

  • I think people are being a little too literal here. After all this is an ad, not a Professor Brian Cox lecture.
    Horses don’t leap out of the surf, gorillas don’t play drums and meerkats don’t actually speak English…

    There is a flaw in the execution, however. Johnny Green and Lee Aldridge/Ben Edwards have been left to their own interpretations of the creative brief and the result is two, albeit similar, interpretations which don’t quite gel together.

    The coloured light beams of the press ad photography are beautiful (amazing what you can do with a little motion blur) but they don’t have a strong enough visual link to the almost monochrome TV ad.

    One needs to move towards the other, whichever way.

  • Pablo

    Beautiful and quite bonkers in a surreal way.

  • someone from CERN


    Actually the LHC collides light particles (protons) with a lot of energy to create new particles, heavier than
    the protons, turning the energy of the protons into the mass of the new to-be-discovered-if-they-exist particles (using Einstein’s E=mc^2…)

    These new particles are not supposed to be inside the colliding protons, but created out of the proton collision.

    Unfortunately there are more than 7000 protons in a car, so we cannot get a car out of a 7000 GeV (~7000 proton masses) collisions.

  • Dear ‘someone from CERN’,

    I’m very interested in your big shiny machine what makes new stuff from old Range Rover Sports, and the odd hadron or two.

    As I’m visiting old chums in Annecy, can I come and play smashy things?
    I can bring my own car, but does it have to be an RR Sport? I’ll give you a hand looking for your missing boson too if you like.

    Kind regards

    P.S. If your naughty neutrinos are repeatedly traveling faster than the speed of light, then dear old Alberts E = mc2 and SR are somewhat knackered, no?
    P.P.S. Did you find that Disco’ chassis?

  • Stefano Moro

    Beautifully shot. Empathic and promising enough.
    Yes, probably collides with the concept of the Collider, but it’s about creation through destruction. I like it.