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Wordplay in Selfridges' windows


Posted by Mark Sinclair, 2 February 2012, 9:59    Permalink    Comments (11)

Chrissie Macdonald's window display, part of It's Nice That's curatorial project for Selfridges' in-store initiative, Words

Selfridges windows on London's Oxford Street are currently showing a crop of illustration and design talent with work by Nuha Razik, Becky Sloan, William Richard Green – plus a series curated by It's Nice That – on display...

Andrew Meredith has once again photographed the window designs, some of which form part of Selfridges' Words Words Words initiative. The project sees the launch of the new Selfridges Library in the Ultralounge section of the store, which features highlights from the archives of various publishers.

It's Nice That has collaborated on a huge installation, the Word-A-Coaster, with interactive designers Stewdio (the wooden fortune-telling roller-coaster takes up four of the shop's windows); while artists Ben Long, Chrissie MacDonald and Gilles Miller have also installed work – interpreting the word "words" in each case – under INT's curation.

Other windows feature work by a host of different creatives taking part in Selfridges' Bright Young Things series, so there's some excellent work to be viewed from the street over the next few weeks. Here's our pick of the some of the best work on show at the moment:

Detail of Chrissie Macdonald window for It's Nice That

Futuremap's window, part of the Bright Young Things series

Ben Long's window for It's Nice That

It's Nice That's own installation, the Word-A-Coaster

Nuha Razik's window, part of the Bright Young Things series (the shadows are painted)

Archie McLeish's window, part of the Bright Young Things series

William Richard Green's window, part of the Bright Young Things series

Giles Miller's window for It's Nice That

Becky Sloan's window, part of the Bright Young Things series

Thanks to Andrew Meredith for the photographs.




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Some beautiful windows...:)
faycal bouguir
2012-02-02 23:47:26

Anyone know long this display will be up? Can't miss this!
2012-02-03 10:12:07

Beautiful Street Art in Window Displays
2012-02-05 12:33:51

We were totally bowled over by this display and particularly Giles Miller's beautiful letters.
2012-02-05 16:28:51

Love these!! Best window displays yet. Really creative and beautifully executed
2012-02-07 11:51:53

Wow, absolutely fantastic. Again, does anybody know how long these windows will be displayed?
Nikki Noir
2012-02-07 15:22:40

The 'word o coaster' window is reminiscent of 'The Social Playground' by aberrant architecture. It's nice that!
2012-02-07 16:25:14

This window scheme is in there till the end of February for those that need to know.
Andrew Meredith
2012-02-07 18:36:07

Love these!! Best window displays yet. Really creative and beautifully executed
2012-02-07 18:52:21

Looking at the Selfridges web site, it looks like this is up till March 1st. The 30,000 cards were printed by Pureprint Group using variable data printing technology
2012-02-07 23:48:02

We at DS.Emotion, who create and produce multi-dimensional campaigns for our clients, see this as an example of how physical design can become an interactive and engaging experience and then develop into a digital campaign that forms the hook from which to create dialogue and build relationships with key audiences. A fantastic campaign for both Selfridges and It’s Nice That.
2012-03-01 10:49:56

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