A feast for the eyes

Hong Kong-based publisher Victionary’s latest tome, entitled Eat Me: Appetite For Design, is chock-full of inventive food packaging projects, elegant restaurant identities and interiors, and food-based art projects. It’s even designed to look like a layered wafer biscuit

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Hong Kong-based publisher Victionary‘s latest tome, entitled Eat Me: Appetite For Design, is chock-full of inventive food packaging projects, elegant restaurant identities and interiors, and food-based art projects. It’s even designed to look like a layered wafer biscuit

Nice touch: the top right corner of Eat Me features a bite cut out

Above and below, Hamburg-based agency Korefe‘s playful set of screwdriver lollies

Above and below, Demelza Hill‘s Snap and Dine plate and crockery set takes its cue from airfix model kits

Above and below, Anagrama‘s identity and interior for Mexican patisserie Theurel & Thomas

Above and following two images, Vancouver sandwich shop Meat & Bread identity by Glasfurd & Walker

Above left, Brighton-based Kyle Bean‘s What Came First art piece featuring a chicken sculpture made out of egg shell

Above, spread featuring burger-themed artwork created for burger blogger Burgerac’s Burgermat Show

Spread showing artists working on The Small Print‘s Absolut Vis10ns exhibition

Spread showing some incredible sugar cube sculptures by Brendan Jamison

Above, Studio Toogood‘s design for The Hatch eatery which popped up at the 2009 London Design Festival

All the studio bios run in a section at the back and, depending on your personal preference, you can choose to order the book with a cream “vanilla” cover, or a brown “chocolate” cover:

Eat Me (288 pages, 190 x 255mm) can be ordered direct from victionary.com and costs US$42 plus postage and packaging.



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  • http://www.yviemarie.co.uk Yviemarie

    I need this book. I needed it before I realised that 10 out of the 14 sneak-peak-shots I have saved on my desktop already.

  • http://www.teaim.tumblr.com Luke Tonge

    Victionary consistently put out the best produced design books – in terms of ‘packaging-as-subject’ they continue to lead the market. Also WANT!

  • Anthony Liptak

    Stunning! Great work and inspiration.

  • http://storyboardsnewyork.com Wes

    It would be even better if you could actually eat it! You could sell it multiple times to various buyers;)

  • Adrian

    Excellent. Love the pull a part cutlery! What an amazing book. :)

  • http://www.wide-calf-womens-boots.com eryn

    Mmm yummy!

  • Mitch

    I work at Farmboy Fine Arts in Vancouver across the road from Meat & Bread, not only is their identity really cool but the sandwiches rock, had the meatball today!!! mwah!!!! I highly recommend.


  • http://www.essay2review.com/termpaperwriter-review.html termpaperwriter

    This is absolutely awesom! Great work!

  • http://www.graphicshowroom.com Simon Palmer

    Looks tasty!

  • Mark

    I like the wafer idea, and it looks lovely, and works on the outside but on the interior pages that bite mark bothers me a little. I’m wondering how the designers felt about the bite mark eating into their page designs and images.

  • http://www.foodforfriendsyeah.co.uk Matt

    Wow, that book is a true feast for the eyes. Also WANT…in fact…NEEEED!

  • Christmas Clarke

    Only someone in Canada could say, ‘…sandwiches rock.’ I love London

  • >Lil _Pete.

    ‘…sandwiches rock.’ I love Newcastle.

  • http://www.destinationweddingphotography.co.uk Destination Wedding Photographer

    Brilliant creative vision, these guys are incredibly inventive, I might try to introduce edible packaging!

  • http://www.dreamscape-design.co.uk Alex

    I am now craving 2 things after reading this article, the book itself and a sandwich from “Meat & Bread!”

  • http://www.dot-design.co.uk Gareth Coxon

    Certainly looks good enough to eat, gorgeous design.
    Love the bite die cut detail, nice touch.

  • Emma


  • http://katyevansbush.com KEB

    This is exhilaratingly fabulous. And so wonderful to see Burgerac being given its due!

  • http://www.webdezign.co.uk Web design London

    Talk about making your mouth water, my copy is ordered.

  • http://www.yviemarie.co.uk Yviemarie

    Back in stock, ordered :)

  • M.

    design > practicality? No thanks. No spine? Will fall apart after a few uses. Better to stay on the shelf than to actually look through it.