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Behold, 'tis Photoshoppe Trickery

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Posted by Mark Sinclair, 30 January 2012, 14:59    Permalink    Comments (0)

Last year image retoucher Steve Bland revealed his new identity as The Great Blandini. Now his 'Photoshoppe' skills are demonstrated in a brochure befitting his magical transformation...

In The Little Book of Photoshoppe Trickery, devised by Interbrand Australia, readers can behold the full range of Blandini's mastery of manipulation.

See The Gentlemen Transformed Into a Lion; then look on at his proficiency with The Glowing Edge and The Adjustment Layer; his handling of Shadow and Highlight.

A custom retouch reveals The Charming Lady Mysteriously Intersected – i.e. sawn in half. And it's fair to say: we can't tell how it's done.

But we warned, lest the Photoshop Disaster (shazam!) be unwittingly invoked.

"The power that performs wonders may also unleash horrors," the booklet claims. "These arts are to be practiced with finesse, or elsewhere left to those that possess more cunning in the craft."

And by way of a grand finale, the text of the entire brochure, including the body copy, has been drawn by hand. Magic.

The book was devised by Interbrand Australia and designed and art directed by Mike Rigby, Jefton Sungkar and Diana Chirillas. It was written by Mike Reed. More at Rigby's blog, here.


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