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Posted by Mark Sinclair, 16 January 2012, 15:15    Permalink    Comments (9)

Carl Kleiner photographed the ingredients for Ikea's Homebaked is Best recipe book in 2010. His latest work for the brand's kitchenware revisits the same minimalist, if slightly obsessive, aesthetic...

Hembakat Är Bäst, Ikea's 140 page coffee-table baking book (see our post here), was created by agency Forsman & Bodenfors and art directed by Staffan Lamm and Christopher Persson.

Persson's meticulous approach also seems in evidence in this new series for Ikea's kitchenware, again shot from above by Kleiner and styled by Evelina Bratell.


Art directors: Christoffer Persson, Maria Fridman
Copywriter: David Lundgren
Photographer: Carl Kleiner / Mink MGMT
Stylist: Evelina Bratell


Very Nice Photos, congrats.
Miami Printing
2012-01-16 16:13:25

Very creative! Love the ones with faces built in. These would be great as posters to hang in kitchens.
Ronda Voorhis
2012-01-16 16:48:05

Outstanding, harmonic, very nice.
2012-01-16 17:01:33

love this kind of thing.....seems to perfectly represent the products and the ideology that created them
video production company
2012-01-17 11:55:40

Beautiful kitchen junk.
John Amy
2012-01-17 13:05:57

simply brilliant
Stephen Sellick
2012-01-17 13:09:38

Very imaginative. I love the lighting in the photo with the white products. The products seem to fade out as you make your way to the edge of the photo.
2012-01-17 16:43:34

Much as I loath ikea with a passion, the shots are quite cute.

It's lego for the nesting populus.
2012-01-18 17:37:27

Well, the topic is Designer Kitchen, but you are presenting cutlery here... Well that was on a funny note. The picture are amazing. you should post some more pictures.....
Samantha Jones
2013-02-20 10:53:21

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