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4seven channel identity

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Posted by Gavin Lucas, 4 July 2012, 15:35    Permalink    Comments (23)

Channel 4's in-house agency 4Creative enlisted ManvsMachine to work with them to create the on and off air branding for Channel 4's latest channel offering, 4seven…

The brief to ManvsMachine (who recently completed a rebrand for More4) was to expand on a logo created by Magpie Studio (and shown above) which saw the numeral seven appear on the side of a three-dimensional Channel 4 logo (as above).

Working together, ManvsMachine and 4Creative have worked with the idea of 4 and 7 appearing around a right angled corner from each other with idents taking viewers on a journey around a corner from left to right:

The graphic elements of the identity include a new cut of Chanel 4's corporate typeface called 4seven which comes in three weights, as shown above.

The on screen graphics will look different depending on what time of day it is - the branding is dark at night and lighter during the day.

The actual logo is also set to change during the day too, not based on the time, but rather the amount of buzz the channel's generating via social media sites, in particular Twitter, as ManvsMachine's Mike Alderson explains: "In the graphic stings between shows, the 7 visually deforms with varying degrees of aggressiveness as shows generate more debate."

Here's a short reel showing the graphic element of the onscreen ident. Look out for the "buzzing" 7:

4seven launches today. Find out more at


Design & creative ManvsMachine / 4Creative
Creative d
irector Chris Wood & Alice Tonge
Director Mike Alderson & Tim Swift, ManvsMachine
Producer Louise Oliver
DOP Bob Pendar-Hughes
Production design Adam Zoltowski - Skyhook
Lead motion design Rupert Burton & Simon Holmedal
Logo design Magpie Studio
Editor Nick Armstrong - Envy Post
VFX/Post production MPC

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I like it nice and clean, perhaps a hint of colour could be used.
2012-07-04 15:50:41

Luke Tonge
2012-07-04 15:58:27

Lotta love for this. The idents are slick and the little touches (the time-of-day dependent graphics) are ace.

I wasn't originally sold on the more4 rebrand, but have warmed to it very quickly, this project needed no such warming period. Well played 4creative and MVM (and Magpie for the original marque)
2012-07-04 16:02:29

The indents are beautiful
2012-07-04 16:09:04

Very clever, the ideas in the indents are really lovely and beautifully executed
2012-07-04 16:28:10

Stunning work guys. Really thoughtful and simple at the same time.
2012-07-04 16:45:57

Love it.

Also love how every new iteration/expansion of 4's identity emphasises how great the original Lambie-Nairn logo really was/is.
2012-07-04 16:50:56

Channel 4 has to be one of the UKs best family of brands. Consistently brilliant.
2012-07-04 17:28:43

It's IDENTS guys, not indents. :)
2012-07-04 17:43:49


Autocorrect on Apple for you, changes it every time. Real pain when I was writing the guidelines.
James Greenfield
2012-07-04 20:05:10

Really like it's basic premise, although I can't help feeling the separating, hairy 7 is a bit gratuitous. ManvsMachine should be distancing themselves from their old 3D pigeonholing if they want to be taken seriously as a branding agency.
2012-07-04 22:37:55

ManvsMachine — one of my favourite design studios. The diving board in the swimming pool is particularly great.
2012-07-05 08:56:18

Has the font been customised for this channel or is it the Channel 4 typeface?
2012-07-05 09:59:41


Fontsmith re-drew a sans-slab version of the C4 font for this channel, with some additional minor tweaks we requested.
2012-07-05 11:07:52

I really like this, good work manvmachine & 4creative.
Freelance Copywriter
2012-07-05 12:15:43

It's very nice and practical to use but from a design point of view, does this say 'television', 'media'? If I didn't know what Channel 4 was I'd presume it had to do with architecture, a bank, steel manufacturer etc.

Only a thought. Great image though.
john Amy
2012-07-05 12:34:48

Love it. Well done MvsM.
2012-07-05 12:46:29

Great logo by Magpie who consistently put out great work. Well brought together by MvM. Great stuff!
2012-07-05 14:02:01

Fantastic stuff - well done!
Mark Digital
2012-07-05 14:32:04

Super creative concept!
Nicely executed!
John Spiegel
2012-07-05 17:35:42

ManvsMachine!! awesome work again. Chennel 4 knows its stuff when it comes to choosing designers.
Red King Design
2012-07-05 18:41:33

Channel 4 does it again. Along with the BBC they are way ahead of the competition when it comes to idents and channel branding. Awesome work by all concerned.
2012-07-10 10:12:48

Brilliant as ever. Such a simple idea but so clever. I can't believe no-one's thought of making the branding darker as the day progresses before. Maybe they have but I haven't seen it.

My only disappointment was the twitter buzz effect which looks a bit c4d mograph-y. I expected something a bit more lo-fi as if it was actually generated from the site. But it's a great idea and I'd be interested to know if the buzz is generated by some clever tech linked to twitter?
Nick Maroussas
2012-07-10 21:10:39

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