BBC Olympics titles revealed

RKCR/Y&R, Red Bee Media and Passion Pictures’ director Pete Candeland turn the UK into a giant sporting venue for the BBC’s Olympics marketing trail and title sequences

RKCR/Y&R, Red Bee Media and Passion Pictures’ director Pete Candeland turn the UK into a giant sporting venue for the BBC’s Olympics marketing trail and title sequences

Super-stylised athletes are seen competing in Scottish lochs, terraced streets and around London in the film which will be used across all the BBC’s TV and digital Olympics content. The film also features Five Steps, the Olympics ‘theme tune’ written by Elbow.

RKCR/Y&R developed the concept, the animation was by Passion and the sequence was produced by Red Bee Media. It will be used for the BBC’s 2012 title sequences and on desktop, mobile tablets and ‘connected’ TV content. A full two-minute, 40 second version will be premiered on BBC ONe on July 3. 60, 40, 30 and five second versions will be used throughout the Games.

Agency: RKCR/Y&R
ECD: Damon Collins
Creatives: Jules Chalkley, Nick Simons, Ted Heath, Paul Angus
Production company: Passion Pictures/Red Bee Media
Animation production company: Passion Pictures
Director: Pete Candeland


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  • Julian

    Finally something to get you into the mood for the Olympics. This is yet again brilliant execution for a channel that does not get enough praise for its sports coverage. Yes, they might spend far too much of our TV licence money on these promos but lets be honest, they are bloody good.

    Fair play to RKCR/Y&R and team for a well executed piece of work.

  • awesome work – well done!

  • Saw this yesterday, thought it looked great. Inspiring stuff.

  • Nice one, like the music… the animation reminds me of The Incredibles :)

  • Absolutely Love it!

  • Lovely!

  • Mark

    Very nice. Similar stylistically to the Transport for London stuff – is there any relation?

  • Zach Manchester

    Personally, I think this would have been more truthful having an enormous CGI white elephant stomping and blundering across the UK and stampeding at anyone eating non-sponsored “health food” like a Burger King.

  • Kevin

    @Mark – I agree, the similarity is uncanny.

    @Zach – what a hilarious, creative, constructive comment. Did you come up with that all on your own or did the other Daily Mail readers help you?

  • Paul

    Top music, excellent all round effort.
    Few little details don’t work for me. reflection in the BMX cyclists goggles is completely false given the distance to the crowd/lights in that scene. In the street scene there are shadows of the 2 people outside of the shops, but no shadow from the street lamp/bollards. Distance between the the lighting installations on top of the stadium are inconsistent between scenes. Love the mixing of the diver into the rower.

  • Does anyone know who the illustrator who did the TFL poster’s is???

  • simon

    wow that just made the hairs on the back of my next stand up – bravo!

  • I like this one, but not as much as the one in 2008. Still good, though. Checkout our feature on it:

  • Interesting! I don’t know much about the ‘Creative Review features’ but after visit the post feeling curios to know a little more. Will you consider posting more updates of it, please? Thanks!

  • Agree with Elmer. Jamie Hewlett’s 2008 ‘Monkey’ series was a lot to live up to though. These titles are very much in keeping with the Olympics own Wenlock & Mandeville films. Assuming some of the same people were involved:

    And CR, the official Olympics ‘theme tune’ is by Muse?:

  • Great work as usual by the BBC! I know they have larger budgets, but it always makes me laugh at how poor ITV title sequences are compared to the BBC, with the recent Euros being a perfect example. I don’t think budget is a valid excuse as idents by Channel 4 are usually excellent as well.

  • Nice stuff! But kinda similar to the Coke World Cup tvc by Director Edouard Salier. Great stuff anyway.

  • Monique

    The animation and direction is really quite nice, but the music???? No, the music murders it.

  • ber

    Very nice. Did the BBC deliberately not use any parts of the (whacky) London 2012 corporate design?

  • Kevin

    It’s first steps by elbow fyi

  • Philip Osborne

    I love it, but I’m confused. The Olympic LOCOG or whatever they’re called have invested all that money into creating a strictly controlled brand, logo and official theme tune, prosecuting grannies for knitting mascot replicas, and yet the national broadcaster just creates their own completely different vision of the game.

    Artistically, I love what the BBC have done but:
    A. Aren’t they wasting license fees by creating their own complete brand and theme tune for a games that has already been fully themed and branded? and
    B. Aren’t LOCOG showing blatant double standards when some companies can be prosecuted for even using the word Olympics, while other companies can just completely rebrand the entire games?!

  • Now it’s all over, had the games looked like this I may have watched tuned in.