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The Team Behind The Team


Posted by Creative Review, 9 July 2012, 15:00    Permalink    Comments (3)

Y&R and animation production company Duck Studios are behind a series of charming animations for the US Olympic Committee each telling the story of a different athlete using a different style of animation

The Team Behind The Team campaign features US Olympic and Paralympic athletes talking about the support they received when they were starting out. Each begins with a live action interview, then cuts to an animated telling of their story. The first batch of the films came out earlier this year, but a new set have just been released. Enjoy.

First up, the story of Brooklyn-born US gymnast John Orozco. Director: Moisés Arancibia, Smog


Brady Ellison. Directors:  Luis Suarez, Moisés Arancibia, Smog


Queen Underwood. Director: Chris Harding


Missy Franklin. Director: Peter Rida Michail


Lolo Jones. Director: Jeong-A Seong


Lex Gillette. Director: Sharon Colman Graham


Evelyn Stevens. Director: Delicatessen


Elena Pirozhkova. Director: Daniel Peacock


Corben Sharrah. Director: Mainframe


Christie Rampone. Director: Sharon Colman Graham


Henry Cejudo. Director: Hsinping Pan


Agency: Y&R
Creative director: Cliff Skeete
Art director: Jon Leachman
Copywriter: Andrew McMurchie
Live action production Company: B House Films
Live action director: Adam Ballachey
Animation company: DUCK Studios


Great to see them all together.

Just wanted to add that Joseph Pelling was the brains behind the Corben Sharrah/Mainframe one.

adam jenns/Mainframe
adam jenns
2012-07-09 17:18:38

2012-07-10 08:10:37

All are wonderful...but my favorite one is Brady Ellison...especially for tattoo!
Husen Baba
2012-07-10 10:36:56

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