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Are you Hank Marvin?

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Posted by Creative Review, 23 July 2012, 17:16    Permalink    Comments (26)

If not, you could be. We have a signed Fender Squier electric guitar to give away to one of our readers, and are also offering the chance for you to see your work published by CR, in return for a poster of your dream gig.

Thanks to Saatchi & Saatchi ad agency in London we have a Fender Squier electric guitar - signed by Hank Marvin no less - to give away to one of our readers. The guitar is similar to the ones seen in the recent Mattessons Fridge Raiders ad by Saatchis, which is shown above. If you'd like to be in with a chance of winning the guitar, and seeing some of your work published by CR, we'd like to see a poster for your dream gig.

We're not imposing any rules on the type of musicians you include on the poster, or on the style of poster you design or illustrate for us. The only restriction is that our entrants need to be able to come and collect their winnings. Unfortunately the guitar doesn't include a case, and due to its fragile nature and our limited resources, we are unable to post it. The winner will therefore need to be able to come and collect it from our central London office. We promise to take good care of it in the meantime.

The winning poster and a selection of runners up will be published by CR, either on the website or the magazine, in the coming weeks.

The deadline to submit your posters is by 6pm, on Tuesday 31st July. Please email all entries here.


You've not mentioned it, but woeful advert.
2012-07-23 23:58:19

This ad baffles me – surely that is some of the least known cockney rhyming slang targeting an audience who will have no idea who Hank Marvin is. Have I missed the genius?
Luke Tonge
2012-07-24 09:12:13

The average parents are how old? Do they know who Hank Marvin actually is? Apache was a hit in 1960 - yes folks - 52 years ago. Mum in the ad looks like she was born quite some time after that. Very little of the product is featured. Therefore the novelty/conceptual ownership is way off and the pragmatism is lacking too. Not exactly bringing home the bacon me thinks.
2012-07-24 12:00:24

Yes, it is a terrible ad. Although the idea is flawed, I could see it working as an ad if it wasn't so pedestrian and badly paced throughout.
Phil Thurlby
2012-07-24 12:51:31

It is silly, but the ad made me laugh. So there.
2012-07-24 14:23:00

Pear halved of ideas
2012-07-24 14:27:44

Come on!
Everybody knows who Hank Marvin is.
2012-07-24 14:42:27


I bet you none of the kids in the video knew who Hank Marvin was!
2012-07-24 15:35:15

whos Hank Marvin?
2012-07-24 16:42:28

I agree Stu, and even if you don't know who Hank Marvin is, you know what Hank Marvin means. It's catchy (obviously!) and will get kids asking their parents 'who's Hank Marvin?' and then the parents will be thinking 'maybe I should get some of those Mattessons'.
2012-07-24 16:50:18

I actually thought this was an excellent ad - then again, I thought everyone knew who Hank Marvin was!
Mark @ Digital Agency
2012-07-24 16:54:27

I refuse to be anything other than delighted by a sausage dog in a wig.
2012-07-24 17:02:58

Brilliant ad ... but have to agree with Alexander .... the wig wearing sausage dog is genius.
Rob Dunning
2012-07-24 23:08:40

@Alexander - spot on, squire! People are missing the point. It's about sausage dogs, not aging guitarists.
Mark @ Digital Agency
2012-07-25 11:10:50

Hank Marvin=Starving. There you go
2012-07-26 12:41:28

How extra-ordinary? I didn't realise there were people who disliked this advert . . .
jean cave
2012-07-26 16:37:17

Brilliant Ad well done Saatchi and Saatchi.
Tony Allen
2012-07-26 21:01:39

Hank Marvin,the best sound,and the best guitarist ever.

geoff collins.
2012-08-30 19:58:11

Love it - I know who Hank Marvin is but I'm an old git
Gary Aldam
2012-10-05 20:06:24

I just felted compelled to google Hank Marvin following seeing this advert. Had no idea Hank Marvin was cockney slang for Starving. Wow.
P.S Don't actually like the advert.
Mollie Oxenham
2012-10-06 20:02:04

There will never be a giutar player like him ever again
Will walker snr
2012-12-11 20:38:48

My grandson was in the advert and he knows who Hank is.
Roy Toomey
2013-03-19 12:37:51

The best British guitarist Ever. Pity that most of you commenting on this site want to learn some general knowledge.
Alan Edwards
2013-09-07 23:03:40

Hank Marvin influenced more guitarists than all these people have had hot dinners. Anyone who has influenced Clapton, May, Knopfler and can play Django style to boot needs to be recognised BY EVERYONE!!!! In the words of Jack Nicholson ' Broaden your Minds' By the way , hilarious ad!!
Stuart Cosgrove
2013-10-11 23:08:17

This is the most awful creative idea that underpinned an ad campaign ever.
2014-08-13 22:15:09

the criticisms arent around how talented hank marvin was, but how little known he is by mattesons target audience. dog in a wig aside, this is appauling.
2014-08-16 20:21:35

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