Eurostar ads in tribute to British Olympians

French ad agency Leg has created a cheeky Olympic campaign for Eurostar featuring statues of what it presumably sees as typical British athletic heroes – playing darts and snooker

French ad agency Leg has created a cheeky Olympic campaign for Eurostar featuring Greek-style statues of what it presumably sees as typical British athletic heroes – playing darts and snooker


The images of classical statues featured in the ads play to French stereotypes of the beer-swilling Brit.



Leg has a history of such cultural joshing in its Eurostar work, with previous campaigns featuring British gifts to the world like Mr Bean


The promise of great food (the headline roughly translates as “Just near here”)

Or the promise of a memorable encounter with the locals (the headline literally translates roughly as “London on a blow to the head” but also means “London on a whim”)


Would it be to churlish to point out that, at the Beijing Olympics, the UK won 47 medals (including 19 golds) to France’s 41 (just 7 golds)?


Advertising agency: Leg agency
Creative director: Gabriel Gaultier
Conceptor: Stéphane Richard, Virgile Lassalle
Copywriter: Virgile Lassalle
Art director: Stéphane Richard, Caroline Lorin
Photographer: Paul Murphy
CGI & retouching: Recom Farmhouse
Art Buyer: Pia Schneider



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  • Marc Atkinson

    Love the new campaign.

    And the fact that Britain won more medals in Beijing adds to the value for me – it’s making fun of well known British stereotypes, rather than having an actual dig.

  • Ed

    What a bunch of goose-bothering, onion-sniffing, frog-eating bastards. How dare they stereotype us like that?

  • Jon Sant

    Tres Bon! Good to see the French see a good idea through instead of chomping on their croissants saying, “haw he haw he haw”

  • domino

    we could do some french themed statues with shaven headed collaborators selling themselves for onions.

  • faycal

    Being French myself, I can picture the french on the street of Paris commenting on those ads… I am afraid that s what the French do best. And they love it… They certainly lack the brit sense of humor.

  • Dave

    “The images of classical statues featured in the ads play to French stereotypes of the beer-swilling Brit.”…with tiny penis

  • David

    Hate them! And given that we won 19 gold medals at the Beijing Olympics to France’s meagre 7, I think they’ve got a bloody cheek! Mind you just to perpetuate the national stereotyping, as they hardly ever wash it probably explains why our athletes run so much quicker in order to get away from them!

  • a

    I would love to see someone do some similar ads but turning the tables and portraying the well known french stereotypes/ cliches (snails, surrendering, johnny hallyday) – but then they will probably get upset and moan.
    what would theres be?
    for the statues – boules? playing tabletop football? smoking?
    for the notes…well french pop culture has never been international…i hate mister bean, but the film has outgrossed many french blockbusters, so they havent even got anything to go up against that. French comedy? there isnt anyone known outside of france. perhaps put sarkozy on it?
    for the food…perhaps comment on snobby waiters ripping of tourists? floppy croque monsieur or overpriced steak hache aka a burger…or duck pate, frogs leg, cheval and snails.
    as for the last bleeding image…perhaps have a young immigrant beaten by the police in a riot?

    see how funny stereotypes are!

  • Dave

    As for police beatings we don’t have a leg to stand on either on that front.

  • Dave Morrison

    Would be brilliant if it weren’t for the fact that the statues are far too thin to represent the average Brit chav,

    Have to laugh at Brits, 19 Golds won by a few athletes suddenly becomes ‘we’ won 19 golds….err no people who conicidentally share nationality with other Brits does not allow our chubby chavs to share the glory.

    How many of our golds were in ‘sitting down’ sports ?

    to emphasise the difference, compare the stock at JD Sports or JBB with Decathlon. The Brit shops sell oversize leisurewear for people who don’t do sport, whilst Decathlon sells sports equipment to people who participate in sport.