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Do Look Now: BFI competition winner

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Posted by Creative Review, 23 March 2012, 15:57    Permalink    Comments (4)

BFI Publishing and CR are pleased to announce that Benio Urbanowicz, a third year student from Kingston University, is the winner of our competition to design a cover for a 20th anniversary edition of the BFI Film Classic book on Nicolas Roeg's Don't Look Now

CR and BFI Publishing invited students to create artwork for the special edition cover which will form part of a set of 12 new covers for the BFI Film Classics series' 20th anniversary, to be published in August. The winning design (below) was chosen by a panel of judges including Rebecca Barden, BFI Publishing, senior publisher; Sophia Contento, BFI Publishing senior production editor; Patrick Burgoyne, editor, Creative Review; Rob Winter, publisher, Sight &Sound and the original book's author Mark Sanderson.

Speaking aboout his idea for the cover, Urbanowicz says "I managed to find a beige coat I thought looked similar to the coat from the film in Oxfam, then crafted a hood out of cartridge paper and added it to the coat. Then I stuffed the coat with newspaper to make it look as if someone was wearing it. Suspended on string from the ceiling, I poured red gloss over the jacket and let it drip slowly, whilst adjusting my lighting. Shot against a neutral background, I was able to use Photoshop to extract every red tone in my photograph, which I layered onto a charcoal background."

This clip documents the process

You can see more of Urbanowicz's work here and here.

As well as seeing his work in print, Urbanowicz also wins a set of all twelve anniversary editions and an invitation to the series launch events.

There were two joint runners-up. Mina Bach of LCC created this artwork which the judges particulalry liked for its imaginative use of the red coat motif that is such a strong part of the film's iconography and its reference to another major theme from the film, the waterways in Venice:


While John Walker of the University of Huddersfield referenced a still from the film itself to great effect in his entry


The following entries were highly commedend by the judges:

Dan Jones, Kingston University


Frederick Goodchild, LCC


Hannah Myatt, Kingston University


Hannah Rollings, University of Brighton


Jacek Rudzki, Kingston University


Julie Sheridan, Glasgow School of Art


Madeline Whitty, Kingston University


Poppy Panter-Whitlock, University of the West of England


Rafael Farias, RCA

Richard Buffery, Coventry University


Simeng Zhao, Kingston University


Thanks to everyone who entered. Here are the rest of the covers that will form the 20th anniversary set.



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Excellent stuff, lot's of strong work from Kingston.
Mark James
2012-03-23 16:50:05

must show my ignorance by admitting i've read neither the book nor seen the film. as for the covers – some good, some bad. but probably a deserved winner. well done.
2012-03-26 10:57:56

i prefer hannah myatt
2012-03-26 20:01:30

Following your recommendation I have ordered the print issue or Creative Review magazine, can't wait for it to arrive!

2012-03-28 20:51:40

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