How Channel 4’s online team works

Illustrator Jack Hudson has just completed two A0 poster commissions from Channel 4, each designed to show how a particular department functions…

Illustrator Jack Hudson has just completed two A0 poster commissions from Channel 4, each designed to show how a particular department functions and which are to be displayed internally in its Channel 4’s London HQ…

“This piece of work is the biggest, most time consuming project I have ever produced,” says Hudson of this particular piece (above) which sees Channel 4’s online team imagined as a busy city with four separate harbours.

“All the harbours are outputting new products and TV shows to the audience which is represented by the surrounding residential area at the top of the composition, ” explains Hudson. “Also there are a number of race cars that represent exactly what departments collaborate with which.”

There’s some great detail in the work, we particularly like the jet skier jumping through a ring of fire:

Hudson also produced the above poster for the Product Management team at Channel 4 which depicts it as one of several cogs within a bigger mechanism, all of which have to work together to do their job. Here are some detail crops:

We guess runners, interns and new recruits will have to study these posters on their first day at Channel 4. And maybe refer to them regularly to help understand how all the departments work together!

The posters were commissioned and art directed by INT Works.

See more of Hudson’s work at



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  • Jon

    Fantastic work, the level of detail and subtle textures work very well

  • Stunning!

  • Ed

    My favourite project of the year so far, I reckon.

  • It’s absolutely amazing. Have you any information on what he used to create it? Was it handmade or was it illustrator? Either way fantastic work

  • Absolutely lovely work. Manages to be detailed yet stylish at the same time. Great stuff.

  • Completely bonkers, but what a commission! Beautiful work. Agree with Laura, quite a task to make something so detailed on that scale remain stylish and strong as whole; but they’ve definitely succeeded.

  • J Jizzle

    Loving this.

  • I’m not surprised some serious hours went into this – lovely work!

  • Anna

    I love the cog poster. The colours are beautiful and the overall layout is aesthetically lovely. My only tiny criticism is that the cogs teeth don’t line up in many places so the actual machine wouldn’t work. I just found that a slight shame. Beautiful work nonetheless.

  • Really beautiful.