That’s Impressive: promoting letterpress

That’s Impressive is a set of promotional letterpress postcards created by Kerr Vernon Graphic Design in collaboration with Glasgow Press…

What graphic designer can resist the tactile charm of a letterpressed project? We just received a promotional pack from printers Glasgow Press (designed by Glasgow-
based graphic designer Kerr Vernon) and simply had to share it…

Packaged in a wax-sealed bellyband and housed in a  card folder, the five letterpresses postcards within the package feature lyrics from songs by some of Vernon’s favourite Glasgow-based bands.

“Everything was printed on duplex GF Smith colorplan, except the Frightened Rabbit postcard which was printed on triplex,” explains Vernon of the thick, colourful and layered stock the postcards are printed on.

To get a hold of a That’s Impressive pack, please contact

See more of Kerr Vernon’s work at

To see the first collaborative letterpress mailer created by Vernon for Glasgow Press in 2010, see our post from November 2010 here

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  • amazing. love it & wish I was on their mailing list.

  • Luke

    very very nice. Love the subtle visual ideas on the postcards. Visual telegrams. Any idea what the monospaced font is in the 3rd image from the top?

  • Hi Luke,
    Thanks for your kind words. The font is Orator.

  • This gets me so excited, am I design geek???

  • Raph

    This is lovely, and I’ve ordered one, but as someone pointed out to me on Twitter, the lyrics in the FR song are slightly wrong.

  • Very nice work- and GREAT bands too!

  • They are looking really nice. I actually had a similar wax stamp (but in red) inserted onto the labels of my client, a clothing brand from Luxembourg which I also hand printed on my letterpress. It was a lot more simple as it was a 2 sided one colour print job but printed onto lovely 100% cotton. There definitely is a place for Letterpress in graphic design today rather than just making fancy wedding invitations.

  • Nice work as usual from KV & GP.

  • Look sweet — ordered mine :)

  • Glasgow School of Art Graduate

    Ahm pure well proud tae see anur designer fae glesgae oan this site man. This work is pure mint bie the way!

  • Got one here, lovely bit of work Master Vernon.

  • Love the wax seal and the piece generally but it would be better if The Vaselines had a card…

  • Beautiful print and design. Great to see the letterpress revival continue.

  • Lovely. Subtle. Let the quality of print speak for itself. Glasgow Press did my wedding invites. I highly recommend them.

  • Stigg

    I want one of these. Immediately.

  • Great to see some lovely letterpress design, very nice! We love letterpress too, if you fancy trying your hand we’re running workshops

  • Gotta be the nicest thing ive seen in a ages… a wax seal, dang that looks good.

  • Nice and clean and love the letterpress.