The Future is Now

Thunderbirds is very nearly 50 years old. People often ask what the enduring appeal of Thunderbirds is. Perhaps it’s because there’s nothing more compelling than to see someone’s life slipping away knowing there is nothing you can do to save them. Except, of course, call International Rescue

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We’ve pulled together a selection of imagery from the Thunderbirds archive for you to enjoy, a window into the painstaking and lovingly crafted world of Supermarionation.

These behind the scenes shots, special moments and images of merchandise are a potent reminder of a different era.

As fellow makers and creatives, we hope you enjoy this selection. The team work, the fun, the patience, the dedication – these images say it all.

Born in Hampstead, London, on 14 April 1929, Gerry Anderson MBE is a British publisher, producer, director and writer, famous for creating Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, Joe 90, Supercar, Stingray, and Fireball XL5. He began his career in a photographic portrait studio, but even in those days his ambition was to become a film director.

Anderson created the Supermarionation process to bring the ultimate detail and realism to his characters. This process, together with Anderson’s series, influenced whole generations of film directors and producers around the world, and changed children’s TV forever. Thunderbirds is his most famous and successful production.