Golden Gate Bridge 75th anniversary posters

On May 27 San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge celebrates its 75th anniversary. Working with the Golden Gate National Parks Conservatory, agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners has created a suitably grand poster campaign

ggb75th_posters_3388_0.jpg - Golden Gate Bridge 75th anniversary posters - 4386

On May 27 San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge celebrates its 75th anniversary. Working with the Golden Gate National Parks Conservatory, agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners has created a suitably grand poster campaign…

The photographs of the bridge that provide the source material for the posters were taken by GSP’s own Rich Silverstein and agency photographer and senior art director, Claude Shade. Both were given special clearance to access certain parts of the bridge that are inaccessible to the public.

The particular hue of the bridge – a darkened version of ‘international orange’, the highlight colour used by the aerospace industry to make things stand out against the landscape – is made particularly vibrant in the saturated colour treatment.

Impressively bold and graphic, the posters allow the beauty of the bridge’s engineering to do the talking. The series also shies away from the familiar snapshot images of the bridge (all too familiar to San Franciscans, presumably), instead favouring some more abstract takes angles.

The only niggle for me is the shadowing on the type which, left clean, would no doubt only have added the simplicity of the artwork.

GSP is also working with Google Maps on the Band of Bridges project, a “socially-driven website with the goal of building the longest digital bridge in the world”.

Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners
Director of Design/Associate Partner: Keith Anderson
Senior Art Director/Photographer: Claude Shade
Creative Director: Anders Gustafsson
Art Director: Azin Ashourvan
Junior Art Director: Hanna Wittmark
Junior Copywriter: Graham Lewis
Senior Interactive Producer: Margaret Brett-Kearns
Interactive Production Company: Famous Interactive

  • rich silverstein

    Thanks for your interest in the posters.
    We did have many discussions about the shadow,
    I felt it needed something different
    not unlike the camera angles.

    “You cant please everyone so you have to please yourself.”
    Rickie Nelson

  • R Henderson

    The overly stylized high contrast imagery combined with ultra-hyped, unnatural colors misses entirely the innate beauty of the span. Add to this a typeface whose questionable appropriateness (too light weight, as though afraid to make a statement) is only emphasized with the regrettable drop shadow treatment. It took a committee of impressively titled humans to generate this? Very curious, though very Agency all the same.

  • Happy 75th anniversary to the Golden Gate Bridge! These are awesome posters. I especially like the 3rd one from the top and the very last one.

  • David Crook

    Very cool- well done!

  • JP

    Have a feeling the shadow might be there to represent our other famous inhabitant – the fog.

    Agree though, the bridge speaks for itself.

  • Ross Pichler

    If the photography hadn’t have been manipulated, then these would have looked a lot better. Good photography speaks for itself.

  • Tom

    stunning images slightly let down by an awful typographic decision (drop shadow) but never the less a beautiful set of posters

  • Rob

    R Henderson.

    Should all art be an accurate representation of what it depicts? Or could it be an embellished interpretation of how the subject makes the artist (or designer, of course) feel? The Golden Gate Bridge is, after all, a big fuck off bright orange bridge.

  • Iain

    Fantastic graphics but have to agree with Tom, very poor typeographic decision to include the shadow. That aside, really like them.

  • liz

    I think these are great and show the bridge in an interesting way, I quite like the drop shadow on the text

  • Scott Fuller

    Where can I get these posters? Beautiful work, guys!

  • Kelly Councilor

    I really like ’em and would not change a thing. The photography and type treatment makes the posters reminiscent of vintage cruise and rail posters.

  • Cliff

    I just returned from a vist to SF (after a 15 year hiatus! too long!) and was struck by these posters, which were displayed all over the city.

    I agree that the drop shadow is unfortunate, but the images are so powerful, who cares?

    Great work!

    I want to purchase one, too! Do let us know!

  • Rob

    Lovely shots, I suspect they will look fantastic in the flesh! The first and last poster’s are my favourite for their contrasting viewpoints of the bridge. Don’t mind the typography, the shadows lift the letter from the page, like we bridges of their own.

  • Elliott Smith

    I thought the shadow treatment was a) a way of reinforcing the high contrast shadow treatment of the images and b) an interesting way of turning the type into a kind of physical structure like the bridge itself. Clearly I’m overthinking. But the point is I think they’re magnificent pieces and the fact that folks are taking the time to comment — positively or negatively — tells you they were worthy of notice. Way to go Rich and GSP.

  • Paul

    Seriously – how do we get a hold of others in this set beside the “official” poster offered by the GGB folks?

  • Wow, Great shots!

  • Stephen

    Beautiful imagery, not convinced on the shadow on the type but the images are terrific. Bold, loud and beautiful, just like the bridge.

  • Amazing potographs, i’d happily have any of them framed and put up in my house…when i get a house! 😉

  • C. Ferdon

    I’m interested in purchasing a poster — where are they available for sale?

  • L.Kimball

    Is there any way to purchase one of these posters?

  • Sandra

    Dynamic, imaginative and evocative of 1930s WPA art without being merely nostalgic. The images convey—with a bold and unapologetic attitude—a reminder of the vision, effort and pride of skill that came together to create the Golden Gate Bridge. However, I do agree that the shadowing of the type was unnecessary.

  • Beanbeag

    Love it! Did anyone reply to Ferdon about where these posters are for sale?