Our selection of images commissioned by ad agencies or for use in advertising, sponsored by Taylor James

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Title of work: Adidas Consortium, Your Story
Photographer: Phil Aylen
Captions: Adidas invited ten artists to create versions of its shoes. In this campaign, two images were created for each design: one shows the plain shoe against a diorama referring to each artist’s influences, the second shows the final shoe with the background now painted white

Title of work: Works of Taste
Photographer: Marcus Gaab
Caption: Miniature culinary masterpieces show off the Chef range of cooking aids

Title of work: Beetles
Photographer: Nick Meek

Title of work: Carven SS12
Photographer: Viviane Sassen

Title of work: Nissan Leaf: What if everything ran on gas?
Photographer: SmithNelson

Title of work: Harvey Nichols Summer Sale
Photographer: Frederike Helwig