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Bahumbizzle: the Cautionary Tale of Ebenezer Snoop


Posted by Creative Review, 27 November 2012, 10:03    Permalink    Comments (10)

While UK Christmas ads concentrate on shopping and snowmen, Adidas and Sid Lee have unveiled a bizarre Yuletide offering featuring 'Ebenezer' Snoop and David Beckham as the Ghost of Christmas Present

At the end of the film, viewers are invited to test out how much Christmas spirit they have via a Facebook app.

Although it's fun spotting the Adidas-sponsored stars – from Stan Smith to Andy Murray – rendered by Beavis and Butthead animator JJ Sedelmaier, at four minutes 20, this retelling of a Christmas Carol is very long and, at times, really drags. It's not the first time Snoop Lion (as he is now known) has tackled the Christmas classics. In 2009 Snoop Dogg (as he was then) read from How The Grich Stole Christmas for US talk show Jimmy Fallon.

Agency: Sid Lee
Production company: Caviar
Director: Jake Szymanski
Ilustration: JJ Sedelmaier



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II'm not that fond of the cartoon, I like Snoop Dogg though :)
Mr. Food
2012-11-27 12:59:50

It reads as Stan Lee in the opening paragraph. so I thought it was some addidas/ marvel comics cross over.

Sadly not, as it mentions the agency to be sid lee at the bottom?
2012-11-27 14:13:55

@ Matt

Ha! Yes, sorry, stupid mistake. Changed now. Thanks
CR PatrickBurgoyne
2012-11-27 14:24:36

that was painful.
2012-11-27 14:46:43

that shit cray
Rosie Milton
2012-11-27 15:04:27

What's the point???
Lost me somewhere.
Convoluted obscure and pointless.
Aubrey Kurlansky
2012-11-27 15:18:35

Looks like all the shitty cinematics i made last year.
Though way better!
2012-11-27 16:11:31

I wonder if Adidas ever heard the story of the Emperors New Clothes?
HTDL Design Agency
2012-11-28 21:24:00

[deleted by moderator]
2012-11-29 17:23:00

Love it! Very entertaining :)
2012-12-06 14:33:42

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