We want your #bestinstagramshot

Last month we asked you all to send us your best Instagram shots, and it proved so popular we’re going to turn it into a regular feature on the blog…

Last month we asked you all to send us your best Instagram shots, and it proved so popular we’re going to turn it into a regular feature on the blog.

We were inundated with entries for our best Instagram shot request last month, where we asked people to tweet us their favourite Instagram, using the hashtag #bestinstagramshot. We’ve decided to turn this into a regular blog feature, and we’ll be rounding up our favourite Instagrams every month, and posting them on the blog.

We’re going to make it a little bit more involved this time, by giving you a monthly theme. We don’t mind if you send us an Instagram you’ve already taken, or a photo you’ve taken especially, just as long as it’s within the theme. Poetic interpretations of the theme are, of course, welcomed.

So, how does it work? Simply tweet your best Instagram @creativereview, not forgetting the #bestinstagramshot tag, and we’ll put together a list of our favourites to feature on the blog.

Our theme for November is: Cold. Get your entries to us before the 30th November, and check back to see our list of favourites.

Image shown above by @riproaringalex

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  • Josh

    Given that you can process any photograph through Instagram. What’s to stop people taking ‘proper’ photos with ‘proper’ cameras and processing them? In which case surely this feature is just ‘show us your best photos in a square crop with optional filters’
    Why not just make it a regular photography brief?

  • Tom j

    @josh – But, surely, thats just not in the spirit of things.

  • TOM


  • @josh Have a look at the picture above. I don’t think the person who took it was strolling down the street with their DSLR at the ready. I think they saw something interesting, whipped their iphone out and took an opportunistic photo. So maybe instagram pics are about being spontaneous, when you weren’t necessarily looking for a photo opportunity?

  • Rich

    Is the fox photo taken with an iPhone?

    If you think about the size of the fox and quality of shot the camera must have been about 30-50cm away from the foxs face.

    Great shot either way.

  • IInstagram is a fun way to be creative and not have to carry around your dslr

  • alex

    @ TOM

    you can get instagram on HTC so… so maybe most smart phones?

  • Jason

    “Have a look at the picture above. I don’t think the person who took it was strolling down the street with their DSLR at the ready.” I wonder what iPhone Henri Cartier-Bresson used?

  • Rob

    @ Josh

    I think you’re missing the point mate. Chill out, have some fun, take an instagram photo of your DSLR, that might cheer you up.

  • Josh

    I think you all miss my point.
    All I’m saying is why tie things in to one app, the only benefit of which is stylized filters?
    Why not just say photos and let people worry about how they take them? Why not a regular photo from a smartphone that hasn’t been filtered through instagram.
    A good shot is a good shot, irrespective of whether it’s been taking using instagram. Part of the popularity of instagram is that the filters and vignettes can cover a multitude of sins, making average photos seem a bit better. Surely CR should be championing good photography.
    I use all kinds of cameras for my photography, including my iphone, I’m not picky about the medium, just wonder why a single filter app has been singled out.

  • stu

    Sorry but a Fox would have bolted, especially given how light it is, insta-photoshop. I always giggle when someone mentions a DSLR, you gotta understand that Instagram is a culture – quick shots from a small device with few editing options, uploaded in a wee format… not a DSLR super high spec sweet titties masterpiece. Dobbers. When you see a good Polaroid you appreciate that was an instant thing, with character.

  • Kalle

    What about shots taken with the VSCO CAM app?

  • Rich

    Josh, You make valid points but also fail to see that Instagram is not just an app to take photos with, but more importantly its a social network of sorts. I imagine this pushes the competition out of the circle of CR readers and into into a wider audience and therefore increases the awareness of CR.

    This aside, it probably has something to do with the article on Instagram in the latest issue and also that its fun, easy and massively popular.,

  • I’m in total agreement with Rich about Instagram, it’s first a social network. Many people have been using their other cameras since the beginning and sharing through IG. If you befriend the right types, you can have a very nice critical review going on there.

    I have over 8000 photos on IG ( http://instagram.com/nomad411 ), and I’d say 7700+ have been taken only with iPhone, using other apps than IG. Instagram is only used to share and comment and see others’ amazing works. :)

  • just another manic monday


    I think if it was labelled as “just a regular photography brief” it immediately alienates a large percentage of people who don’t have DSLRs/decent cameras/aren’t massive photographers as they automatically think their shots will be inferior. Making it an Instagram Comp adds a more fun element to it, and also puts everyone on the same platform so the real skill is using your creative eye and producing a better shot than anyone else.

    CR IS championing good photography….through the medium of instagram! If you don’t like this format then simply use your DSLR and add a filter, but I think the photos are judged purely on the subject rather than who’s got the most megapixels

    Just have some fun with it as I’m quite sure that’s the intention :)

  • @Tom @ Alex

    Yeah, much to the annoyance of many long-time Instagram users, the Android ecosystem does have it’s own Instagram app… so most definitely it’s not an iPhone thing!

    That said, it sounds like fun!