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The party animals


Posted by Mark Sinclair, 31 October 2012, 11:34    Permalink    Comments (2)

Photographer Alan Powdrill's latest personal project involved taking portraits of festival go-ers at Bestival where a fancy dress theme, 'really wild', was in place...

"The UK has long since had a tradition of hard partying which seems to be increasing year on year with hundreds of music festivals and events held all year round," says Powdrill, who attended the Isle of Wight-based Bestival in September.

"Many may view this as a liberal outlook, while others would point to the increasing dependency and consumption of drugs and alcohol," he adds. "This project aims to offer a humorous sideways glance at the 'party animals' on the frontline of the UK's party culture."

By the looks of Mr Fox here, Bestival was quite the weekend.

The full series of Party Animals and more of Powdrill's commercial work can be seen at


Looking fresh... Still time to pull up the pants and look dapper.
Sam Mearns
2012-10-31 11:37:28

Ha Ha, your site is brilliant. I love popping in here everynow and then. Its all a bit wacky. I,ve not been to Bestival myself but check out farmfest. Every year they have hat fancy dress which is good fun.
Giclee Printing
2012-10-31 12:25:11

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