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Evian drops a musical Twitter app


Posted by Gavin Lucas, 31 October 2012, 11:30    Permalink    Comments (2)

Evian has today launched Melotweet, a free musical app that turns your Twitter feed into a game where incoming tweets appear as descending droplets that sound a note as they hit various objects that users arrange on the screen...

As the following film shows, by touching the falling drops you can read and respond to incoming tweets. You can also compose tweets in the app as normal:

melotweet by evian from evian on Vimeo.

The only thing is that you can't really use the app as a viable and fun working alternative to your usual way of using Twitter, because there's no way in the app to view your entire feed at a glance and scroll through it. So once you've had a few minutes of musical fun, you'll probably never refer to the app again.

Regular readers of the CR blog will recall that last week we posted about Tweetphony, a musical Twitter app created to raise awareness of the plight of an underfunded Dutch orchestra, image below.

Not only did the Tweetphony app allow users to compose a musical ditty using a digital piano interface and tweet it – but crucially it allowed you to see the campaign's hashtag feed and scroll through (and play) the musical tweets, displayed in a familiar linear feed. This allowed interaction with other users of the app - to congratulate them on their compositions, and even respond musically.

As well as lacking an interface to be able to scroll through your feed as normal (which would allow a level of usability beyond the musical drip game) Evian's app seems to completely lack any real mechanism for social interaction, which seems like a missed trick. You can merely tweet your friends and followers to say you've used it, rather than actually share an experience.

Find the app and download it for free (iPad and Android versions available) at

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You've failed to point out that this app bears absolutely no relevance to the Evian brand.

Why have they made this? It does nothing to communicate or reinforce their values, it's not useful for anything other than a few seconds of play and the physics feels uncanny and unnatural - not something I want to associate with something I consume. I'm surprised that something so ill-conceived as "it would be nice if it made sounds" could make it through to market.
2012-11-01 11:24:40

I tested Melotweet and I loved it.
Of course this app will never replace a real Twitter client, but I don't think that's the goal.
The app is fun, pretty, and surprising. Like a childish game. Totally what I expect from a brand like Evian.
Moreover, it's totally different from Tweetphony, which transforms music into tweets.
2012-11-01 19:26:29

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