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Heathrow B-Movie?

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Posted by Mark Sinclair, 29 October 2012, 14:27    Permalink    Comments (4)

747s bounce around like toys on strings in an interesting time-lapse film of planes approaching London's Heathrow Airport...

Sped up 17 x faster than normal, the film on the Cargospotter YouTube channel shows how near approaching planes are to one another when they come into land at the airport. But it also reveals the effects of air currents on the descending aircraft.

At times, the buffeting adds more of a 1950s B-movie quality to the film (admittedly, the strings are well hidden). The recording apparently covers 70 minutes of real time, with the camera fixed to a tripod – the moving clouds give the impression of a slow panning shot.

As the Colossal blog points out, with time lapse films flooding the internet thanks to more cameras being able to film in this way (this is on a Canon 5D II), Cargospotter's film is a refreshing use of the medium. And a gift for plane geeks (just look at the tiny landing gear!)



Flight of the bumble bee springs to mind.
2012-10-29 19:39:41

That'll put you off your annual Col del Sol outing!
2012-10-30 15:17:16

Interesting but definitely a little off putting if your planning your next flight.
2012-10-31 13:18:01

A thing of beauty.
Andi Rusyn
2012-11-02 16:08:50

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