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Peel here to learn about Epidermolysis Bullosa

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Posted by Gavin Lucas, 23 October 2012, 18:12    Permalink    Comments (5)

Publicis London has created a hard-hitting interactive Facebook app for national charity DEBRA which explicitly demonstrates how Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) affects sufferers of the genetic skin condition…

Created, pro bono, by Publicis, Peel Here is the first digital ad campaign the charity has ever commissioned. It launched today and is based on the fact that sufferers from EB are prone to the blistering and tearing of their skin at the slightest touch or even through the friction caused by wearing clothes or simply removing dressings.

The app features a moving image of a young boy with a plaster-shaped graphic over his torso that displays the text, "want to know what it's like to be a parent of a child with EB?" The top right corner appears to be folded over and invites the viewer to peel the plaster...

Once the graphic reveal is complete, the app makes it easy to share the campaign via social media or find out more about EB and DEBRA's work to raise awareness and fund research to treat the condition. The app also features a button that makes it easy to donate to the charity.

The campaign launch coincides with the start of EB Awareness Week (October 25-31). To find out more about DEBRA's work, visit

View the campaign on Facebook here.


Ad agency Publicis London
Executive creative director Andy Bird
Art director / copywriter Alex Shapowal, Sam Butterfield
Producers Clancie-Lee Brennan, Debbie Graves
Account directors Nicci Kitchiner, Kelly Grindrod
Head of tech Dave Clarke
Technical lead Richard Nelson


Well that's put me off my bacon sandwich. Thanks CR.
2012-10-24 09:40:18

Brilliant. Simple compelling idea well executed. I hope it's a huge success for DEBRA.
Luke Tonge
2012-10-24 10:23:34

One of those rare occasions when use of technology actually benefits the idea. Good work and all the best to DEBRA and the work they do.
Greig Anderson
2012-10-25 16:42:51

An excellent campaign and probably the First worthwhile use of Facebook for awareness of a really nice charity and very difficult condition. Well done DebRA UK, I have donated and shared, best of luck.
Ben B
2012-10-25 17:26:21

What a simple yet hardhitting campaign. Let's hope it raises awareness and funds for a fantastic charity that make a huge difference for people with EB
Tracey Toone
2012-10-31 15:09:57

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