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The October iPad edition

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Posted by Emma Tucker, 1 October 2012, 14:09    Permalink    Comments (1)

The October edition of our iPad app has now been published, and can be downloaded here. This month's edition includes an iPad exclusive feature on illustrator Brian Grimwood, a look at the 50-year history of D&AD, a specially commissioned series of illustrated posters, and features on the rising popularity of Risograph and the disappearing art of sign-writing.

In an iPad exclusive feature we meet British illustrator Brian Grimwood to talk about his life in ten pictures, and find out how he's using digital methods to create new work:

We also take a closer look at the set of illustrated posters created for this year's Virgin Media Shorts:

And we take a look at how traditional hand-letterers are fighting to keep their art alive:

There's also an in-depth feature on the revival of Riso printing, as well as profiles of Riso presses from around the world:

We take a look back at the past 50 years of D&AD:

And look inside the Book of Books, which charts 500 years of innovation in print:

We also explore how publisher Haymarket created a daily magazine for the London 2012 Olympics:

And we find out if 'goodvertising' can make the world a better place:

In Hi Res, there's a preview of French design studio Akatre's first monograph:

And we look at Lucas Foglia's photographic series, A Natural Order, which documents the world of alternative and off-grid communities:

There's more from the world of photography, with Japanese creative duo Nerhol's series of 3D carved portraits:

And a preview of tbhe politically-themed Brighton Photo Biennial:

You can also preview a major retrospective show of Mel Bochner's work:

And step into the logo graveyard:

In CRTV we're featuring some of our favourite short films of the moment, including Lucid Inc's new short, The Roper:

A visit to the junk cathedral of Vince Hannemann:

And a charming animation, that sees a strange vending machine creature wandering the streets of Tokyo:

The October edition will continue to be updated throughout the month, so check back for more features, more book previews, and our pick of the best photography, illustration and short films.

CR for the iPad
Download the October edition of the iPad app here. This month features an iPad exclusive interview with Brian Grimwood, the man who changed the look of British illustration, as well as a preview of Lucas Foglia's new exhibition of photography documenting off-grid communities, a look at the rising popularity of Risograph, and the 50-year history of D&AD. The October issue will be updated throughout the month with new stories, book previews, and our pick of the best photography, illustration and short films. Try a free sample issue here.

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What's the scoop on an Android version?
2012-10-01 16:08:31

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