Happy 50th birthday D&AD

Fifty years of inspiring and rewarding excellence and of nurturing the creative professionals of the future

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In 1962, a collection of far-sighted designers and art directors came together to form the Design and Art Direction Association of London – a much-needed platform to show the best of their fledgling professions’ work and set standards for the future. Fifty years on, D&AD is known around the world. Its pencils are coveted from São Paulo to Sydney, in SoHo as much as in Soho. And, perhaps more importantly, every year students and young creative professionals benefit hugely from D&AD’s support and encouragement.

It’s not all been plain sailing, as anyone connected to D&AD will no doubt attest. Along the way there have been crises aplenty. But, with the establishment of the Foundation, D&AD is, I believe, better equipped than at any time in its history not just to continue its vital work but also to become even more central to the lives of those who practice and study in the world of visual communications.

A former D&AD chief executive, David Kester, once said to me that if D&AD were a magazine it would be Creative Review. We certainly share many of the same aims while both attempting to bring together the not always comfortable bedfellows of advertising and design. So I am very pleased that Creative Review has been able to work with D&AD to bring you this supplement, kindly supported by Tag, celebrating its 50th. Congratulations to all those who have been honoured as part of the celebrations. Here’s to another 50 years of informing, educating and inspiring.

Patrick Burgoyne
Editor, Creative Review