Lifetime Achievement: Gorgeous Enterprises

Sir John Hegarty sums up the qualities that have contributed to Gorgeous being D&AD’s most awarded production company

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It’s all kittens isn’t it? Kittens. Scratching around. I’d have shot the bloody kittens personally….

What makes Gorgeous stand out is the concentration of talent there. It’s a very simple business – get really talented people, let them do really talented things and you’ll have a really talented company. But a lot of people can’t recognise talent and don’t know how to create a culture where that talent can thrive. Obviously Gorgeous do and that’s why they go on succeeding.

As a production company they represent the best of British creativity in the sense of turning great scripts into magical films and because they’ve come through the creative industry, starting as writers and now becoming directors.

They are uncompromising and it’s quite dangerous to do that. You’ve got to understand that it’s a collaborative process. But on the other hand I do want the director to come with their point of view. You just hope they agree with you.

Chris [Palmer] and Frank [Budgen], are quite different in the way they operate. They are not interchangeable. Chris I’ve always thought was very dialogue-driven, Frank for me is a very good visual director. They have complementary characteristics and that helps.

It’s very important for every company to understand their point of difference. Those that go on being successful are the ones that have a clear view of what they are and the value they bring to whatever process they are involved in. Gorgeous have that. That’s what has made them great and why they will go on succeeding. And they’ve got terrible pictures of cats on their website.

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