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Posted by Creative Review, 26 April 2013, 11:18    Permalink    Comments (4)

Our choice for our Creative Review Ad Agency of the Year for 2013 represents a break with tradition. Despite strong competition from the likes of BBH and DDB New York, we have chosen an in-house agency for the honour

If anyone needed convincing of how much the advertising industry has changed in the past decade, they need look no further than the pages of this year's Creative Review Annual. Here you will find agencies creating products (both digital and physical), games, apps, events and ‘experiences'. There are ‘social films' installations, services - even the odd commercial and poster. BBH (last year's winner), Wieden + Kennedy and R/GA all have outstanding projects featured.

We should also recognise the brilliant work coming out of the Google Creative Lab. And we were really pleased to see one of the great names in advertising, DDB New York, enjoying a creative revival under ECD Matt Eastwood.

But, like our Design Studio of the Year pick, our winner this year is an in-house agency: 4Creative. Not only was 4Creative responsible for the advertising film of the year in Meet The Superhumans (above), it was, with Man vs Machine, also behind one of the great rebrands of the year, for More4.



Add a string of excellent work for specific shows and the channel's 30th anniversary celebrations and 4Creative has had a great year.


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In-house vs agency is a really interesting subject at the moment, i'd be interested on CR's view on this.
I work agency side but my suspicion is that the way the industry is moving, in-house departments are the way forward for those companies that can afford to do so.

4Creative are a perfect example of this, they've developed a really strong brand internally so when it came to the Paralympics they tackled it with so much confidence - worthy winners.
2013-04-26 12:15:32


Hear Hear.

See also
2013-04-26 14:15:41

Internal creative 'agencies' have always been exemplified by teams inside like 4Creative. I also admire internal creative teams at brands such as Specsavers whose internal 'agency' replace the need for traditional external ad agencies.

I did admire 4Creative but the agency unti got dissolved a while back. A few production teams that were part of this team now operate independently but 4Creative is no more.

Surely 4Creative can't be named agency of the year 2013 if they do not exist?
mark stone
2013-04-26 15:54:25

I congrats to 4 Creative for being selected as a ad agency of the year 2013. Today marketing is the only things that is prevailing over everything. Without marketing their is nothing and a business can not grow. There are many advertising agencies New York who are working really hard and creative work to be on the top.
Cameron Bell
2013-05-09 11:15:44

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