Microsoft campaign takes over UK stations

Microsoft has launched one of the UK’s biggest train station takeovers as part of a new campaign for Microsoft Office 365, monopolising a vast scale of advertising locations at stations across the UK

Microsoft has launched one of the UK’s biggest train station takeovers as part of a new campaign for Microsoft Office 365, monopolising a vast scale of advertising locations at stations across the UK.

Created by Wunderman, the advertising campaign rolled out across London’s Euston, St Pancras, Paddington and Canary Wharf, as well as Glasgow, Edinburgh and Manchester train stations.

The ‘Work From Here’ campaign incorporates a wide range of media, including every digital display in the stations, benches with built-in Wi-Fi, paper cups, sandwich bags, traditional outdoor and placements on ticket gates, and train tables.

The work involves more than 300 bespoke executions, all tailored to suit a particularly media placement. The central creative idea includes simple graphic communications that demonstrate the ability to work on the go with Microsoft Office 365 from any location. The copy humorously references local vernacular and landmarks, punning on well-known expressions and turns of phrases.

Work From Here is also due to roll out internationall, following the UK launch.

Two of the backlit poster designs

Design for 48 sheet poster

Set of 4 sheet posters

Banners at Paddinton Station

The campaign for the first time uses train table as an advertising medium


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  • James


  • Ella

    Can’t help but think of Orange Mobile, when I see the posters with the orange background.

  • George

    Not a fan of these sorry. I never have liked the recent identity used by Microsoft with their light typefaces and bright colours etc. Just looks like it was completely designed by committee. It’s something I’d expect from Wolff Olins to be perfectly honest. Just my opinion of course.

  • not overly impressed like the rest…

  • My goodness, how much must that have cost! That is an impressive campaign that will certainly be noticed.

    It does feel a bit like corporate domination though as I am sure there must have been others wishing to advertise in the stations.

    It is interesting to see as a one off but I would not like to see this scale of corporate advertising on a repeated basis as you have got to give the little guy / smaller businesses a chance to market their business too.

  • Steve

    They sure are spending a lot of money to fool people they’re cool.

  • Dragos

    Looks like they’re advertising Nokia’s Here service instead of Office.

  • The advertising on the table is the most offensive out of all of this… I’d want a refund from my ticket if I had to stare at that shit for 2 hours plus half an hour waiting outside of Rugby.

  • For me, one of the nicer elements of the new Microsoft/Windows ‘flat’ re-brand is the use of several different colours together. This can be seen on both the mobile and desktop versions of the software.

    Although these adverts do follow the flat design, by having lots of adverts in the same colour next to each other (as pictured above) they lose any colour texture. The colour texture adds a bit of life to the identity and also makes it identifiable as Microsoft to me. Something the above adverts, apart from maybe the first image, don’t really have/do.

  • I don’t get why people like Microsoft with loads of money get away with this sort of advertising! I mean yeah, you’re putting all of this info in front of everyone, but it doesn’t neccaserily mean that everyone that sees it is going to be like, “Ooooooh. I need this!”.

    Waste of time in my opinion.

    People don’t really but stuff any more. It’ll get downloaded illegally or use free pieces of software such as Google, Open Office etc.

  • Chris

    ‘Has John gone for the day? He has? No worries, he’ll be waiting for his train home at St Pancras now and I saw some posters today that say they have wifi, so I’ll send him these client amends anyway’.


  • I’d love to have my own set of these..

  • Surely most people will be on the move catching a train and will only have time to read the headline: “Here here here here”. I’m not convinced they’d be able to talk the message in quickly. Plus there isn’t really any explanation of what Office 365 is, “Your complete office in the cloud” is quite vague.

    Interesting that they’ve used a train table however, although a brainstorm is generally carried out with paper and pen so doesn’t really connect with Office 365.

  • Didn’t notice any of these down Llandudno station

  • Oh My goodness, how much must that have cost! That is an impressive campaign ,and I like the bright colors selection for attracting audience. Great effort by Microsoft.

  • Big challenge for a big company =)
    Awesome campaign and awesome budget!