Barclays pays tribute to devoted football fans

BBH London has launched a new ad promoting Barclays’ sponsorship of this year’s Premier League starring football fans from around the UK.

BBH has launched a new ad promoting Barclays’ sponsorship of this year’s Premier League starring football fans from around the UK.

The ad, which airs on TV and online today ahead of the first game of the new season tomorrow, is part of a new campaign thanking supporters for their unwavering devotion through triumph and tragedy.

The video follows a father and son who support West Ham, a pair of Manchester city fans and 86-year-old Everton supporter Billy Ingham travelling by coach, by train and on foot to match days. Inside the stadium, we see crowds in team colours holding their heads, cheering and fighting back tears as the games unfold.

The starring fans are real supporters scouted in clubs and pubs, and the scenes featuring Ingham getting ready for the game were filmed in his house. “We wanted to make the film as authentic as possible. Hopefully this comes through in the final execution,” says producer Peter Montgomery.

“This film is really a love story, between football fans and the teams they stick by, ‘til death do us part. It focuses on the tough times. It lifts the lid on how hard it is sometimes to be a devoted fan. It’s what being a football fan is all about. Not being a fair weather supporter, but loving and supporting your team through thick and thin,” explains Nick Gill, executive creative director at BBH.

Set to a female cover of Leo Sayer’s I Can’t Stop Loving You, Barclays’ ad is the latest in a string of emotionally charged TV spots for high street banks eager to show the public that they care.

The soundtrack is reminiscent of a John Lewis Christmas tear jerker, but the ad features some lovely photography and is bound to drump up excitement among fans ahead of tomorrow’s kick-off. Stadium scenes were filmed out of season and use extras to make up numbers, but the use of real fans shot in their own homes and local areas adds some authenticity, and the video has already received thousands of likes, shares and comments on Facebook.

BBH Creative Team: Ric Hooley and Vix Jagger
BBH Creative Director: Nick Gill
BBH Producer: Peter Montgomery
Production Company: Blink
Director: Benito Montorio
Executive Producer: James Studholme
Producer: Josh Barwick
DoP: Steve Annis
Post Production: MPC
Editor/Editing House: Andy McGraw
Sound: Wave

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  • Ledge

    That song isn’t by Leo Sayer, it was written by Billy Nicholls

  • Billy Nicholls


  • Dave Dartnell

    Who is singing on this excellent advert?

  • Steve

    Yea great work BBH – blah blah blah – but the sad truth for me is that someone on a pension. ever increasingly financially strained by the rising cost of living, pension funds under threat after the recklessness caused by the financial industry, has been priced out of the game. After paying for his ticket and a half-time bovril, he’d probably have to starve himself the following week.

    Do me a favour Barclays, you’re not fooling anyone, no matter how much money you spend on ad agencies to convince us otherwise.

  • James

    Steve did you actually read the article?

  • Steve


    Yes, did you?

  • Mark Bryant

    Superbly sung by ?? Makes you take in the advert who is singing ? Sounds a bit like Gabriel Aplin thank you Barclays for sponsoring the best league in the world.

  • Judy

    I hope Billy was well paid !

  • Suman

    Sung by Samantha Whates

  • Mary Ingleson

    Love this advert the music the people in it, especially the old man support your team forever maximum respect :)

  • John

    Steve bore off would you! Why doesn’t everyone do nothing then. Not invest in advertising campaigns increasing revenues and promoting growth. Lets all take a leaf out of your book and do NOTHING. Nice one. See where we are then.

  • Ian

    Nice Ad BUT I’m not getting how this benefits Barclays. Maybe there’s more to come BUT we already know they sponsor the league and the fans are great etc…

  • Susan Rutherford

    I’ve just downloaded a similar version of the song from the advert. It is sung by Edwina Hayes and I think it is a really nice version.

  • Justin (London)

    What a load of rubbish. #forthefans ? Really? Sky & Barclays don’t care one iota about the fans. Otherwise why are we being absolutely fleeced for ticket prices when Clubs income is going up year on year and 70% this year alone due to the new TV deal. Tickets prices etc should come down but they are going up. There was a recent report about a 2.4% drop in ticket prices. Wow! That’s about 80p.

    Sky moves games after people have already booked train tickets, made other travel arrangements, taken time off work etc etc.

    The fans mean nothing to Sky, they’re not their custokmer, the TV viewer is and that’s who they cater to.

    Myself and thousands of genuine fans who actually GO to games are getting thoroughly pissed off and what makes it worse is the adverts are trying to make out they care and think we’re too stupid to see it.

    We’re not, don’t insult us.

  • ROB

    justin [london]….THIS!!

  • chris coupe

    A real thank you,would be making the tickets cheaper to go and see it, the advert is just lip service

  • elaine

    Fabulous advert I love it. My daughter and I were nearly in tears watching this and we don’t even follow football! The people in this ad are terrific especially the old man I love him he reminds me of my grandad. Thank you to the team who created this advert and Barclays.

  • neil

    Fans support their team through thick & thin but what makes Barclays think they’re in a position to thank people for doing it?
    Do they think sponsoring the Premier League means they own football?
    This advert is utterly patronising & I really detest it.

  • Adam

    Fantastic advert
    Please can you tell me the locations the advert was shot especially the man city supporters.

  • James

    Why were just fans from three clubs chosen? There are 20 clubs in the Premier League who have fans that are just as committed as the ones in the advert?