Marmite rescues neglected jars in new campaign

Have you got a neglected, crusty jar of Marmite gathering dust at the back of your kitchen cupboard? It’s time to stamp out such neglect, says a new campaign created by Adam&eveDDB

Have you got a neglected, crusty jar of Marmite gathering dust at the back of your kitchen cupboard? It’s time to stamp out such neglect, says a new campaign created by Adam&eveDDB.

The amusing Marmite Neglect campaign follows a fictional Marmite Rescue Unit that sniffs out and rescues neglected Marmite jars from a variety of offenders’ homes, before re-housing them with loving families.

Shot in the style of real-life animal rescue programmes, with a voiceover from Michael Buerk, the campaign builds on the well-known Love/Hate strapline, urging users to “Love it. Hate it. Just don’t forget it.”

Beyond the TV commercial, the campaign includes a series of outdoor posters, of snapshots (shot by photographer David Sykes) of kitchen cupboards, with long-forgotten Marmite jars peeking out from behind their larder peers.

The spoof style and superior acting is what makes this campaign particularly endearing, as also in evidence in the behind-the-scenes interviews with the committed Marmite Rescue team, including rookie Callum Howe (see below).

Agency: adam&eveDDB
Creative directors: Mike Crowe & Rob Messeter / Matt Lee & Pete Heyes
Creatives: Nick Sheppard & Tom Webber
Agency producer: Chris Styring
Production company: Outsider
Director: James Rouse
Producer: Benji Howell
Editor: Art Jones / Neil Smith @ Work Post
Photographer: David Sykes


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  • ha ha ha! superb.

  • This is brilliant!

  • Dan

    Saw this last night, was the first advert to genuinely make me laugh for a long while. Good stuff.

  • Danny Elliott

    I love Marmite and I love this!

  • Very clever. Marmite… one of my favourite packaging designs of all time!

  • MrSmith

    Kaleidoscopes?! doesn’t he mean telescopes.

  • Rob

    This is great!

  • Ed Wright

    A simple idea well executed, especially the familiarity of the print ad photographs.

    I think the accuracy of the advert’s Pet Rescue parody (or something more serious, like 999: What’s Your Emergency) might mean the subtle humour is lost on some audiences. The ‘Callum’s Breakdown’ video on the Marmite YouTube channel is sailing particularly close to the wind, considering some recent high-profile cases of child neglect.

    But I suspect I’m over-thinking it. Made me chuckle!

  • I’m rarely enthused by adverts but this is excellent. Can’t believe it’s generated 175+ complaints to the ASA whilst homophobic Fosters adverts don’t seem to bother anyone.

  • Matt

    It seems in true Marmite essence – people are going to love it or hate it.

    Love the Print Ads, Hate the TV Ad.

    Although humorous to begin with, it is far too direct (characters/sanctuary etc) and can easily be perceived as making a joke of neglect/abuse.

    The TV ads have taken something clever and made it too literal which doesn’t work – especially when the happy family then rescue a jar only to take it home, scoop out its innards and devour it… Aaaaah!

    A good idea which unfortunately comes across in Bad Taste.

  • I don’t think it comes across in bad taste at all.

    I do think the TV ad goes on a bit long. it seems to me that the writers had loads of ideas and used too many of them.

  • Pat

    Because focusing on neglect and abuse (even if it is a jar) using the RSPCA as its source material isn’t in bad taste at all!

  • Carol

    The advert is very amusing. I found a jar of Marmite at the back of my cupboard, it was about 2 years past the sell by date, it smelled ok , so I tried it on toast.., it tasted better and stronger than the fresh jar..

  • Ruby

    So let me get this right – the advert is a parody of RSPCA going into people’s homes to rescue abused animals. Then we see people looking into cages and stroking a jar (supposed to be an animal). Then we see the family happily sitting around the table, eating said Marmite (?supposed to be animal)!! So what message does that give? Make a serious issue into something of ridicule.

  • Vanessa

    I hate this advert … It is so stupid… But I LOVED MARMITE.. Shops need to stock the big jars and the silly squeezy one..

  • it’s daft, but it got people talking. clever use of the strength of the brand, instantly recognizable from only a fraction of the jar