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First Airbnb ad aims to attract travellers


Posted by Eliza Williams, 17 December 2013, 11:42    Permalink    Comments (0)

Airbnb has launched its first integrated advertising campaign, which sees a team of artists turn 50 of its listings into intricate birdhouses, in order to empahsise the uniqueness of the accommodation on its site.

Created by Pereira & O'Dell in San Francisco, the campaign has a distinct hipster vibe. At its centre is a four-minute-long film, below, which shows the artists creating the birdhouses, and talking about the importance of 'home'. The message is that Airbnb provides properties that are the opposite of soulless hotel rooms, and are instead imbued with the owners' personalities.

For those who are in the area, the 50 birdhouses are on public display in New Orleans until December 22, at the Audubon Park's Tree of Life. The brand has also launched a spin-off site,, where you can view the birdhouses alongside the original properties they are based on, as well as see a 360-degree view of the New Orleans installation. Some of birdhouses are shown below:

As its first major campaign, this work attempts to position Airbnb as the traveller's (as opposed to tourist's) choice for accommodation. Charming as the film is, its hippy style won't be for everyone, but perhaps that is exactly the point.

Agency: Pereira & O'Dell
Chief creative officer: PJ Pereira
VP & ECD: Jaime Robinson
ACDs: Rafael Rizuto, Eduardo Marques
Production company: Tool of North America
Director: Alma Har'el


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