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The Standard calendar 2014: a year in unusual requests

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Posted by Rachael Steven, 17 December 2013, 16:38    Permalink    Comments (4)

KesselsKramer has designed a calendar for US hotel group The Standard illustrating comments left by guests in its suggestion boxes.

The calendar depicts 12 of the most unusual notes The Standard staff received in 2013, including one from a customer who claimed their TV was possessed, another who believed the hot tub had melted their prescription lenses and one from an anxious music journalist thanking staff for reading him to sleep.

Top: "Your staff are the nicest pooch lovers in the world. Penny, my precious little looking forward to her next stay."

Above: "I had just given an unflattering review to a volatile pop star's latest album and heard through the grapevine he was staying at the hotel. I was certain he was going to exact some kind of revenge...after many anxious phone of your staff kindly offered to stay up with me until I calmed down."


Scenes were re-enacted by staff and shot at The Standard hotels by French multimedia artist Thomas Mailaender. A guest who bears an uncanny resemblance to a certain well-known religious figure was also asked to take part after he was spotted enjoying his morning eggs in a white dressing gown:

"Thank you for providing a refuge to recover from the harsh world of Los Angeles and its dog eat dog media business...I have been re-born a better man."


Mailaender's images are funny and beautifully shot, and his sense of humour communicates The Standard's 'irreverent and playful sensibility' perfectly.

Tales of 'epic hangovers', rooftop parties and after work drinks boost its reputation as a place to socialise as well as sleep, while comments about haunted electrical equipment and rogue hot tubs suggest amenities are so good, the only complaints guests have are the utterly bizarre.

The calendar will be available at The Standard's online shop later this week.

"The TV is possessed. No matter which button you just channels down"

"Quality of toilet paper could be better...3-ply minimum...otherwise it was a great room and enjoyable stay."



I think its funny and different!?
2013-12-18 09:55:00

This is brilliant, what a great idea. KesselsKramer killing it as usual.
Mike Fischer
2013-12-18 10:07:54

Superb, I need one for my studio!
Matt Price
2013-12-18 16:11:38

where can i buy this?
2013-12-24 18:31:59

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