ITV rebrand goes live

Spearheaded in-house by ITV Creative, ITV today rolls out a rebrand that extends across all five of its channels in the UK as well as its online and on-demand products including ITV Player

Spearheaded in-house by ITV Creative, ITV today rolls out a rebrand that extends across all five of its channels in the UK as well as its online and on-demand products including ITV Player…

The project follows some major re-organisation at the network. “There have been big changes over here, staff wise and therefore approach wise,” ITV Creative’s head of creative Tony Pipes told CR in November last year when ITV announced the imminent rebranding project. “As well as myself coming over recently from Red Bee Media (where I was CD on the BBC one account), Neil Pitt (formerly W&K) has joined as new Head of Art and Design, and our new Exec Creative Director, Phil Lind has just joined from 4Creative,” he added.

“Our ambition is to turn ITV Creative into a respected, award-winning commercial agency, starting with our own on-air content.”

ITV Creative has worked with designer Matt Rudd of Rudd Studio and also type specialists Fontsmith on the new branding which includes a new ITV logo and corporate typeface.


“Rudd Studio brought us in to work on the logotype and a new typeface that would fit the new ITV ethos,” says Fontsmith’s Jason Smith. “Typeface-wise we created a four weight ITV sans called ITV Reem [a cheeky reference to the expression made famous by ITV show TOWIE: ‘it’s well reem!’].”


“It’s quite a detailed, wide design,” Smith continues, “and it was influenced heavily by what we explored with the new logo which has a modern script feel and is quite wide. The typeface is based on that sort of proportion, almost with a calligraphic feel in the sense that when you take a pen off the page after writing, you get a rounded end terminal.”

Under the new scheme, ITV1 has become simply ITV while ITV2, ITV3, ITV4 and CITV all sport new logos and new colour schemes.

All five channels also have new indents and branded segments between programmes. In a key feature of the new identity, main channel, ITV boasts a new ‘colour-picking’ feature whereby the on-screen logo will adapt to the tone and colour scheme of the footage of the TV show being promoted.

Here’s a look at some of the new idents, first for ITV:


And an ident for ITV2:








ITV online ( also sports a new look (and the new Reem typeface) with the homepage featuring a new central navigation bar to enable viewers to find the content they want quickly as well as discovering new features. The design also takes into account users accessing the site via mobile devices:



“The rebranding of ITV will allow us to further cement the relationship in viewers’ minds between our shows and the ITV brand that produces and broadcasts them,” says ITV’s Rufus Radcliffe, group director of marketing and research. “We now have a consistent identity across everything that we do, all rooted in our positioning as a media brand that is at the heart of popular culture.”

As with any new identity system for a well known brand, it will take some getting used to, but our initial thoughts here at CR towers are positive. The scheme has a lot more personality that the previous ITV system (below)

…or this earlier iteration



The friendly, cursive script will not be to everyone’s taste, but one of the biggest problems for ITV recently has been its failure to position itself clearly. This new scheme feels very much in line with the channel that brings us such programming as TOWIE, Take Me Out, and Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway. Of course it is also the network that, in the past, managed to combine such popular shows with ‘quality’ drama such as Brideshead Revisited and landmark factual programming World in Action and the World At War. We might mourn the latter’s passing but this scheme is a response to the network today and in the future, not the network that was. (Perhaps the self-referential name of the new typeface reveals where priorities lie!)

When the scheme was initially announced, there was a lot of debate about the ability for the mark to deal appropriately with more serious content. The new ‘colour-picking’ function that sees the logo take on the chameleon-like quality of picking up on the colour schemes and tones of different programming (a really interesting innovation) will help (if not completely alleviate concerns) here, allowing the logo to take on a more sombre appearance when the programming (or news) requires it.



There still remains the problem of distinguishing between the four ITV channels and creating easily understood sub-brands for them. If the BBC experience is anything to go by, it is the programming itself that arguably plays a greater role here than the visual identity. We know the difference between what to expect on BBC Two, Three and Four largely because they have distinct outputs. The graphics help and support those differences but they are not as crucial as the schedules.

What’s also interesting here is the establishment by ITV of (as with 4 Creative) a really strong inhouse creative team. ITV, it would be fair to say, has traditionally lagged behind its competitors in terms of its on and off-air branding and promotion. The next 12 months should see some interesting work coming out of this group as they attempt to put that right.

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  • m

    Are they seriously going to use that for the news?!

    I think it says everything about the design that it looks best for CITV.

    And I still have no idea what ITV 3 & 4 specialise in.

  • McPhuc

    No. Not a fan. Try again please.

  • I think it works better as a mono/reversed logo mark than with the colour ‘segments’, the idents feel a little weak/washed out, I appreciate the use of technology, which has promise, but at the moment the identity gets lost… maybe that’s the point… subtly? probably not the intention though!

  • The animated paper cut style idents for ITV3 are really nice, however I have no idea what they actually broadcast on ITV3 so hopefully the animations are relevant.

  • Darren

    Downtown Abbey?

    I hope that got spotted before sign off…

  • It’s a huge improvement. I really like the main itv rebrand. I like the effect of the itv logo responding to the footage behind although a small niggle is that I would have been interested in experimenting with ways of bringing the letters on and off a bit more organically – they do feel a bit fade on/fade off, if you know what I mean?
    As per your comments, I think there’s issues with the other itv channels rebrands – they feel like poor versions of the main design. itv2 is ok is suppose – a 3D version but it’s lost the nice colour interaction with the footage. The itv4 ident with the elements flying in from offscreen feels a bit cheap. And I agree, the itv NEWS logo looks very odd.

  • Bob

    Wow. The font on the ITV website rasterizes horribly on Chrome.

  • Tom

    Looks like Sky and Channel 4 had a quickie in a Spanish resort and produced a bastard child.

  • Nice idea to include the outbound ident in the article. Comparing old and new I’m not really sure what they’re really gained with the change to the new ID.

    The logo’s child-like (good point made about stamping that on world news!). The mono version is certainly far stronger. My feedback to the studio would have been that the styling and approach to colour is also a littlle too ‘trendy’ (meaning this might date quicker than they’d welcome).

    Regarding custom fonts, was this a vanity thing? Why bother? If you’re going to go your own way, you should actually go somewhere. There’s no style or statement to those (and they’ll only give you a headache online but without any creative/design/recall benefit).

    I’m betting that references for the MTV & Sky logos and idents were on the table when someone briefed this one (and I’m not alone in that comment when this link was shared around). That said, it’s not a bad club to hang with.

    So, “Dear ITV, good on you for freshening up, but please can you put a little more ‘spirit of independence’ into the next one!”

  • Fraser Walters

    Don’t like this at all. Looks like a cartoon font…..hope you haven’t spent too much money on it….

  • Lewis

    As a graphic design student I really don’t like this logo I’m afraid. It just looks gimmicky with the overlapping colours and I think a cursive font really doesn’t suit these channels, honestly the logo looks great for CITV but that’s a kids channel not a serious broadcaster.

    Sorry ITV you’ve let yourselves down on this one

  • Jim

    very very nice.

  • FJ

    I’ve not been so completely confused over a re-brand for a while.

    Firstly, I do like the colour-picking aesthetic, although I worry how that will translate to smaller viewing screens given its subtlety.

    I also think you make a very interesting point re: the branding of the individual ITV channels. I genuinely had no idea of the individual purposes and programme trends of each one before seeing these new identities – and I still have no idea. The BBC have done a bang-on job of crafting unique identities for their channels, but ITV has never really bothered. This new system looks like it won’t do much to alleviate the lack of differentiation. But then again, time will tell.

    Lastly, I can’t help but feel that naming a typeface intended for long-term brand association after a limp buzzword from one of the direst shows of the last few years is a bad move and a poor reflection on the channel – hardly a calling card of quality is it? But then, this is the home of Jeremy Kyle. And endless repeats of Jeremy Kyle, at that.

  • Stu

    I think it works really well. All the remarks about it not being ‘serious’ or being childish – it’s ITV! It’s a populist channel that needs a friendly face. Its previous incarnation was utterly devoid of personality and tthis look is brimming with it. Anything too aspirational and everyone would be going on about how ITV were punching above their weight.

    I think the main logo colours are a bit odd – works best when it takes the colour of the footage (btw I think the reason the letters fade on and off and not organically is the the sections on the logo would look strange and disconnected when they’re on their own). I think the way it responds to colour makes up for that.

    It feels unified across platforms. Even CITV, which was the poor ugly orphan before, is part of the family now.

  • Jem

    Personally i really like it. But everyone’s entitled to their own opinions.
    I’ve always loved reading the raving comments following a rebrand!!

    What would be good is if everyone who hates it had a go at re-branding it themselves… I’d love to see the outcomes!

  • Ed

    Bags of personality, distinct & ownable look, beautiful colour-selecting idents and a streamlined website.

    Aside from the sub-brand differentiation issues (which will presumably be sorted with scheduling as much as anything as CR points out) I think it’s a great effort.

    Also, I just read this excellent piece by Michael Beirut about design criticism which has softened me somewhat:

  • James

    Love the subtlety of the branding through the idents. A refreshing change from the ‘in your face’ approach favoured by many. Aside from a very slightly dodgy colour palette and yes the NEWS logo, all in all a successive redesign for (what was!?) a relatively untrendy and soulless channel.

    Atleast the hate brigade have something new to moan about finally after London 2012 😉

  • But then I wonder if the News at Ten problem lies with the programme itself – it’s a strange beast that doesn’t really fit with the rest of the channel. It is actually quite tabloid but it takes itself so seriously with the bombastic theme tune and gigantic BBC/SKY style virtual studio. (I haven’t seen it since the rebrand.) A more relaxed Channel 5 style approach would undoubtedly suit the channel better.

  • I think ITVs brand has really diminished to one of junk TV and this new branding certainly wont help (imho)

  • Matt

    “I think it says everything about the design that it looks best for CITV.”

    Hit the nail on the head.

  • Love the flickering/bleeding logotype colours on the ITV idents, could watch that for ages.

    The logotype has taken it’s DNA from Rio 2016 for me (

    Obviously a ridiculous name choice on the custom typeface, but this is solid work!

  • The 3d version(single color) looks ok but the flat multicolor logo… nah!

  • Don’t you just love a good rebrand!

    It feels about right.

    That’s right in the middle, slap bang. I don’t think it matters that ITV reflect serious content. ITN does the news production and after all, if we close our eyes, ITV is Ant and Dec, X-Factor, Take Me Out, Corrie.

    It’s a cup-of-tea, pair-of-slippers, stoke-the-cat-on-your-lap tv channel and the buttery (Galaxy-esque) mark is well suited.

  • Luke

    Love the new branding, a vast improvement on the older resolutions.

    The idents overtake channel 4 as the best and the reference to TOWIE in the typefaces is genius. Just bring the quality of programming in line with the branding and you would have a winning TV network.

  • I love it. Everyone else is going minimalist.

  • Mike

    Not a fan at all

  • James

    Why are the numbers so big?

  • Gemma

    I’m just not sure if they used the full capabilities of MS Paint when they made this…

  • Pannett

    @Nick Couch

    Couldn’t agree more. This rebrand fits perfectly with what ITV produces, what it represents and what it is.

    I can imagine a lot of the negative reaction stems from people (myself included) not liking the programming or gimmicky nature of ITV. Personally I think the marque is ugly and the application of the brand is child-like, but then that’s the point. This is for a network that produces TOWIE. Remember, design is about working to a brief for a client, not to your own personal taste and what you think ITV should be like.

  • Dan Canyon

    It won’t last

  • Martin

    Nick Couch.

    You are supposed to stroke the cat. Not stoke it. Naughty man you will get told off by the RSPCA for doing that!

    Agree with you comments though. Middle of the road mush. There is plenty of space in the world for blanding like this as well as an accepting audience ready to lap it up. Range in taste and quality of expression is a good thing. It creates debates like this.

  • Robert

    I don’t like it at all the brand they just got rid was much better .it looks cheap and horrible no I exspect it will be on our screen for many years please channels no more silly live action idents

  • Whilst the ITV brand certainly needed a rebrand, I don’t think this is the answer.
    The hardest thing for a broadcaster is the fact their brand must work with every type of content, from the very silly to the very serious. This new brand focuses completely on the ‘red-top’ end of ITV’s output and reinforces what I’ve long thought about the channel – mostly junk I personally have no interest in.
    I think the idents are very brave – camouflaging your logo so it blends and disappears is subtlety at its best. And subtlety should be applauded in this day and age of ‘in-yo-face’.
    From a detail point of view, the colours of the main logo are completely discordant and when used in a single colour the logo says ‘IWV’ to me.
    Full marks to ITV for trying to create a high quality creative team; zero marks, though, for their first, and arguably most important, creation.

  • Ricey

    Tired old cliche of colour transparency, and, call me old-fashioned, acronyms should be UPPER CASE – ‘itv’ is not a word

  • Paul Campion

    At least someone’s making an effort. Not sure about the ones for ITV itself (a bit boring and too Channel 4-ish for my liking) but quite like the ones for ITV2, 3 & 4. They beat yellow liquid suddenly spurting up out of the ground, or whatever bollocks they had before!

  • Just feels dull. Citv’ seemed the most exciting. What does it say and represent about all the individual channels? Sadly not a fan.

  • Ian

    I am sure that the new Logo accurately reflects the majority of the rubbishy programming that we are expected to watch.

  • Now all we need is someone to rebrand UTV.

  • Like!….

  • James

    @ Ricey

    You’re old-fashioned

  • Oliver

    Seems like a bunch of dinosaur designers afraid of change on this tread!

    I love this rebrand! Nice to see a corporation not afraid to soften the edges and play with colours.

    Good work ITV. Inspired.

  • Cambo

    I like it. It’s modern, fresh and funky. Definitely what it needed… it’s 2013 the days when everything was “Boldly Official” are over… I like that it can always be recognised reguardless what colour it is… Very impressed.

  • Steph @ Jam

    I’m torn on this one! One thing that bugs me however is the glaring letter “w” that speaks to me before i mentally correct myself and re-read it as “itv”.

  • Coming back to the article, I see someone’s corrected the typo in the font samples 😉

  • Robert

    Please itv please change to generic logos it much better not all live action on every channel

  • I like the rebrand. ITV always seems to behind the BBC when it comes to branding and visuals associated with programming. The branding is modern and stands up well against the web based media which has threatened to leave some broadcasters behind.

  • Nic

    I’m not a fan of ITV, but I actually really like the new look and I think it’s a great match for the brand – big and bold and not taking itself too seriously. Nice work.

  • The logo looks too gimmicky with the overlapping colours and the round font was a wrong choice, considering the potential viewers. Reminds me of a kids channel.

  • Ryan

    It’s not perfect but it works and gives a friendly feel to a tired brand, although I think C4 are still the leaders in modern idents.

  • I’m not sure if I like the way that the lettering flows and overlaps with one another. It appears much more striking as separate letters. Imagine what BBC would look like in the joined up lowercase style.

  • Robert

    The best brand was 1989 were the graphics were better and more creative in this modern technology world you would think it would be better than this one they just roiled out sorry but it the worst brand yet .

  • Rich

    You can see the W&K and redbee inputs. Relies heavily on the filmography, which is nice but in places not amazing. Take the logo away from this and im not sure how strong it is. I saw this kind of technique last year in a free font. Not that inspiration isn’t allowed! My most pleasing aspect is their attempt to be less cheesy but like they have said themselves its the programming/content that defines the channel before the branding!?

  • Karry Gardner

    It looks very Arabic , I don’t like it at all , I think it’s a real,turn off .

  • Although it all feels much more friendly, which is better for ITV as a populist channel, I feel it has been pushed together and pulled apart, probably from the execs briefing the project in or signing it off.

    You can almost read the brief from the results – perhaps it read something like…

    BRIEF FOR NEW ITV IDENTS (All Channels):

    – FOR ITV1 –
    We really like the Sky crystal transparent text style Indent thing that they did – do something just like that, but not that, but something very like it.

    – FOR ITV2 –
    Really like the fun and outlandish indents from “Dave”, but not so outlandish and fun, but still people and things going on in the background, a little wacky/trendy you creatives go nuts, then reign it in a bit!

    – FOR ITV3 –
    We really like the idea of some nice surrealist animations, that sort of move out and show weird things happening, like the BBC3 indents but much more grown up.

    – FOR ITV4 –
    Make things all dark and mysterious, and make things explode in slow motion just like in the old indents for Film4 – yeah thats what we want to be like, the old film4 – do that – but different of course!!!

    Oh yes and make it more friendly, I will send you some fonts I have seen on a font site I saw – use one of those in bright and current/trendy colours!

    Maybe I am being a little cynical, as I know the industry only too well 😉

    But with all this in mind – I think they have met the brief(s) very well!, and I do quite like the core logo.

    HOWEVER….You can’t help but wonder what the creatives could have done without these kind of constraints, because they are clearly capable of some great things!!

    Be Lucky!

  • David

    Look at the BBC – clear, classic, time-less, stylish and colour coded. You know exactly where you are – they do exactly what they are supposed to. ITV – bendy, trendy, modern, jumbled-up colours – not clear at all.

    Please please get rid of the Ident in the top left corner of the screen – annoying, off-putting and completely unnecessary. Over all – a disappointing re-brand that probably cost a small fortune. I hope the contract was sale or return?

  • Bill

    Still can’t beat LWT for innovation and memorable branding. I guess this is progress?
    Personally don’t like the chameleon colours. Lacks strong identity.
    Not a fan of lower case – i is a tough one to use.
    Wonder what is the planned lifespan of this?

  • It’s so weird growing up and seeing your favourite TV channels change.

    I remember watching CITV when the best show ever ReBoot was on air, and the logo for CITV has a red ‘C’ and blue ‘ITV’ with a yellow background.

    Now were here with all lower case letters and spliffed out colours! I guess it just shows that everyone moves with the times. I do like the new logo, especially the one on the Selfridges pic!

  • Sughra

    I love the new logo. So much more fluid :-)

  • Adam

    I really love the new ITV stuff, colourful and modern looking.

  • Caroline Harris

    Late comment here but I’ve sought out this article because I really love the new main brand on TV. I keep noticing it in a way I never did before – well done ITV creative. And ignore the detractors!

  • Preston Barrows

    My brain just sees ‘J’s and ‘U’s and ‘W’s…

  • Ben A

    ugly logo of the 21st Century