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Wriggles and Robins' Travis video a breath of fresh air

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Posted by Creative Review, 2 July 2013, 10:16    Permalink    Comments (3)

In directing duo Wriggles and Robins' video for new Travis single Moving, animations are back projected onto the band's breath

This is the duo's first music video and develops an idea showcased in their Love is in the Air film, released on Valentine's Day this year


As with Love is in the Air, an animated sequence was created beforehand and then back projected to create the effect. "Everything was shot in camera with no post production involved, the temperature was simply cold enough that you could see the guys' breath which we back projected the animations into," say Matt and Tom.

MPC’s Motion Design Studio and VFX artists, led by VFX Supervisor Bernat Amengual, created the animated sequences and assets which were then back-projected. All of the animations were created and timed out prior to the shoot. To test them, each evening sequences were sent to the directors and played out on a specially designed projector in a cold lock up in East London. The sequences were repeatedly altered and re-designed after each testing session.


Here's the finished video


This making-of film explains how they did it


Regular CR readers will know that we have followed Matt (Robinson) and Tom (Wrigglesworth)'s work with interest, ever since they graduated from Kingston in 2009 when we featured them in our Graduate Issue. At the time, they attracted a deal of attention with this film for HP


See more of their work here


Moving credits:
Directed by Wriggles & Robins
Production company: RSA
Projected Animation: MPC
EP: Tracy Stokes, Richard Flintham, Casper Delaney
Producer: Noreen Khan
Online Producer: Alannah Currie
DP: Luke Palmer
Editor: Ben Campbell at Cut and Run
Lead Animator: Bernat Amengual
Sound Mix: Phil Bolland at 750mph
Special thanks to MPC, Panovision, The Khans & Shepperton studios


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Absolutely awesome!
2013-07-02 12:18:33

Beautiful work -for a shorter purpose.
Marcel Garbi
2013-07-02 13:09:14

Great work guys. Congratulations
Tom Carey
2013-07-03 05:18:33

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