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Animation duo White Robot lends its humour to TV Licensing

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Posted by Anna Richardson Taylor, 24 June 2013, 15:51    Permalink    Comments (6)

Red Bee Media collaborated with animation collective White Robot to create an amusing trio of films that illustrate some of the more absurd excuses for not having a TV license.

Produced for TV Licensing to drive the organisation's new YouTube channel, the three clips - Stolen TV, Lost Weight and Lethal Injection - tap into White Robot's particular sense of BAFTA-winning humour.

"Using bold, vibrant animation we are able to develop the nature of the excuses, and abstract them with our sense of humour," says co-writer and rector of White Robot, Will Anderson. "The excuses were naturally funny, so it was all about how we could bring them to life. All of our work is particularly conversational, so it's a good match."

Red Bee director of creative, Andy Bryant, agrees that the real-life excuses of license fee evaders proved a rich seam for the creative team: "We felt that if we could make people laugh they might just feel a little warmer about TV Licensing. And what better way than to use the brilliant comedy goldmine of excuses they're already sitting on - hilarious, rude, surreal and bizarre."

The films run on the organisation's YouTube channel, with two more animated excuses to follow later this year, Queen's Corgi and Six Months to Live.

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The Lethal Injection sequence is brilliant - the conversation and characters really came to life. Not so sure about the other two - the animations haven't quite connected with the dialogue in my opinion.
Nicholas Maroussas
2013-06-24 16:42:14

iIm not familiar with TV Licensing, do they actually perform checks for this?
John O.
2013-06-24 22:47:42

Wicky Nicky Biccy.

Bloody love these.
2013-06-25 09:50:42

While I think I support, in principle, the idea of some sort of state funded media service that is free from commercial pressures alongside commercial channels I can't wait for them to abolish the TV license and replace it with a different type of funding as it's a (income tax?)

I don't own a television set - if I watch a live tv program once in a while online I have to pay but if I watch it a few hours later i don't. Absurd.

If i watch an hour of live tv on my computer once a year without a licence I could be prosecuted unless I pay £100+ pounds a year!

These are to promote the TV licencing authorities youtube channel. Says it all really.
2013-06-25 13:53:07

TV license for censorship, selected silences and biased news...
Marcel Garbi
2013-06-25 14:15:46

10 TV stations + Red button interactive services
10 National radio stations
40 Local radio stations
BBC World service in 28 languages
Website (with numerous subdomains + sections)

Which is a shit-load to maintain even before you get onto BBC's original natural history, sport, documentary, film, TV series and radio programming AND BBC News is the largest broadcast news gathering operation in the world. (source: Wikipedia)

I've never understood how people can moan about the license fee.

(I still like the videos by the way).
2013-06-26 14:43:55

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