Enzo of the Antarctic

Italian photographer Enzo Barracco is known mainly for his fashion and portrait work but last year, inspired by a book on British explorer Ernest Shackleton, he self-funded a trip to the Antarctic

Italian photographer Enzo Barracco is known mainly for his fashion and portrait work but last year, inspired by a book on British explorer Ernest Shackleton, he self-funded a trip to the Antarctic.

The resultant, spectacular images have been on show at the Royal Geographical Society earlier this year and in Paris. Earlier this month, Barracco spoke to CR about the project.



Barracco says that the biography of Shackleton inspired him because of the explorer’s spirit and desire never to give up. “It was a very good message so I decided to make a project about the Antarctic,” he says.



“I decided to raise the money to organise my own expedition,” Barracco says, which he did by auctioning work from a previous project. A team of six travelled south in February 2012, with Nikon helping to supply equipment.



“Normally only ‘science people’ go there,” he says. “I wanted to photograph the landscape in an artistic way.”



Barracco spent a month in the region, shooting mainly from a small rubber boat.




His next major project will be in South Africa




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  • Daniel

    To be honest, these are a bit so-so. There’s not much in the composition of the shots other than the inherent grandeur of the environment. IMO.

  • Arthur

    Very arctistic shots

  • http://www.timephotographic.co.uk Chris Snowden

    Beautiful work. 2nd shot is stunning!

  • http://emporiumtrading.com Andrew Host

    I have so much respect for the people who take so amazing shots in the artic sea. It`s not easy to go such a long distance and work in that environment, but as we see in these pics, it`s very rewarding! Congrats!

  • http://www.leematech.co.uk/air-tightness-testing/ Mark Fagan

    I really like the idea of a photographer visiting the places that photographers usually do not get the chance to go to as this has lead to some really nice photography pieces. Hopefully the trip to South Africa turns out to be just as impressive!

  • Keith

    Nice work. Particularly like those on the edge of abstraction. Gives you a new insight, though, on the work of Frank Hurley (Shakleton’s photographer) who achieved some equally stunning images with relatively primitive equipment.

  • http://www.thiswebguy.com Ricky

    These are beautiful – 3rd shot is my fav, but also liking the strangeness of the last…

  • mxb

    I’m tending to agree with Daniel.

    I’m also getting a little sick of all these slightly bland comments that are appearing on this site with inevitable linking to irrelevant websites eg forex trading etc. This is (borderline) spam and is really reducing the quality of discussion on these pages, in my opinion. I think creative review should be doing a bit more to discourage this.

  • xxx

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